GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch – how to win the Casino Podium Car or the Lost Slamvan

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It's one of the standout games you see when you enter the GTA Casino, but did you know there's a GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch which lets you keep spinning until you get the prize you want – including the Podium Car? Normally you're restricted to one spin of the Lucky Wheel per day in the GTA Online Casino, which can net you prizes including Chips, GTA$, RP, and of course the coveted Podium Car, but normally once that wheel comes to a stop you'll have to be content with whatever reward it lands on. However, thanks to the GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch you can give yourself unlimited respins until you get the prize you want, so follow this process in GTA Online and you could soon be parking a brand new vehicle in your garage.

Another prize worth considering is the Mystery item, which covers a wide range of items – you could receive something very low-value such as consumables, but players have also reported winning vehicles such as the Rocket Voltic or even the rare and highly coveted Lost Slamvan. If the Lucky Wheel does land on Mystery, you can quickly see what your reward is then follow the process below for another go if you're not satisfied with the outcome.

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How to win your choice of prize with the GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch

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To use the GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch, you need to be ready to quickly quit the game if the outcome of the spin is not the one you want. To do this, interact with the Lucky Wheel then push the left stick up and quickly pull it down to give it a strong spin, allowing you time to set up the next step. On PS4, press and hold the PS button to bring up the Quick Menu, then hover over the Close Application option and hit X twice if you don't get the prize you want. For Xbox One, wait until you see what the outcome of your spin is going to be, then if you're not happy with it quickly press the Xbox button, scroll to GTA 5 and press the Menu button then choose Quit. PC users can simply press their defined keyboard shortcut to quit once the result is seen.

All you need to do now is reload the game, and repeat the process for another chance to win the prize of your choice. Due to loading times it can take a short while to get back in, though you can speed things up a little by marking GTA Online to load as default in the Settings > Saving And Startup > Startup Flow menu, and setting the Casino Penthouse as your starting point on the Interaction Menu > Spawn Location option. Obviously, once you receive a prize you're happy with, don't quit the game and continue to collect your reward.

Are there any risks involved with using the GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch?

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Technically all you're doing here is quitting the game, but using the GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch is still gaming the system in order to secure a higher value prize for yourself. If Rockstar detect irregular activity on your account then it's possible you could receive a temporary or permanent ban, though this is unlikely if you use this glitch responsibly – for example, winning a brand new sports car every day is likely to raise suspicions, but a single Podium Car win among other prizes would not look out of place.

The GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch has been known by players for several weeks already, and due to how it works it could be a difficult exploit for Rockstar to counter. However, it's always possible that a hotfix could be deployed to eliminate it at some point, so use it (responsibly) while you can to ensure the reward of your dreams becomes a reality.

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