GTA IV on its way to shops!

With under two weeks to go, Rockstar has apparently confirmed that Grand Theft Auto IV has finally, definitely gone gold. Thank God for that.

Take Two president Strauss Zelnick is being quoted as saying "Trucks are rolling next week and there will be a lot of them" at the company's annual general meeting yesterday.

The company has also opened pre-registration for the Rockstar Social Club, which will let you track your stats and compete to beat other players' records in various Rockstar games (including GTA IV, obviously).

Some of the tracking features on the Club include the LCPD Police Blotter, which keeps track of the most commonly used items, the most crime-filled areas in town and so on. They're dishing out plastic keys to the first ten to 100 percent complete the game, as well. Let us know if it's you, because it won't be us.

It's out on April 29. Definitely.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 18, 2008