GTA IV fails to slaughter Iron Man's ticket sales

Despite doomsday predictions from industry analysts,GTA IVhas failed to dampen the box office sales of Hollywood's adaptation of Iron Man, which was predicted to have its demographic swallowed by Rockstar's monster.

The warning came last year after Halo 3 was blamed for lower than expected box office numbers around its October '07 release.

"We anticipate the video game release of GTA IV on April 29 could dampen the potential from Iron Man's theatrical release on May 2," said analyst Mike Hickey.

But despite the hoopla, Iron Man has managed to earn an estimated $104.3 million this weekend in North America, the second-highest opening weekend ever for a non-sequel behind Spider-Man.

So despite the commotion from movie studios making excuses for their rubbish films flopping, it looks like game sales aren't killing the movie box office.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 7, 2008