Grand Theft Radar: Could GTA IV disappoint?


You've heard the hype.Grand Theft Auto IVis going to be amazing... monumental... revolutionary... life changing... world altering... universe shifting... the best game of the year, if not the best thing in the history of EVER.

Or is it...?!

Well, yes, probably. GTA IV, however, won't be perfect. Even now, more than two weeks ahead of release, we can predict a dozen reasons the sequel might bug you, bother you or just plain disappoint you. Some are legitimate and some are stupidly nitpicky, but for fans accustomed to the absolute best, all merit and deserve discussion. Recalibrate your expectations accordingly...

#1 - The sandbox has shrunk

With each entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, the world gets a little bigger. Okay, a LOT bigger. Part of the feverish excitement in waiting for a new installment has always been the question "How friggin' ginormous can they make it this time?" We got a city. We got a state. Now, nothing less than an entire country, continent or planet will do!

GTA IV, however, is actually smaller than San Andreas and includes only one measly metropolis. One! Call us spoiled, but size matters.

Why it doesn't matter

Why it doesn't matter

Why it doesn't matter