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Golden Compass casting revealed

Maybe it ain’t cool but we love the odd seasonal fantasy flick here in the basement.

So we’re suitably stoked to see that the first instalment of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy is shaping up to be a spell-packed thrill-spilling fantasy flick to make a trip to Narnia seem more like a weekend in Bognor.

About A Boy lenser Chris Weitz has hauled together a superb cast, including Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman.

The fella who penned the trilogy, Philip Pullman, has been on set in the UK watching the first instalment being slung together. The Golden Compass (Northern Lights, as it was on UK shelves) is well underway and, as Pullman reveals, the cast is still being pieced together.

"The film of The Golden Compass is progressing very well. I spent yesterday at the studios in Shepperton, meeting some of the cast, including Sam Elliott, who's playing Lee Scoresby. Sam's resemblance to the Lee in my mind is just astonishing. His Lee has all the presence, the experience, the battered integrity, the humour, and the courage of the aeronaut who first walked into my story thirteen years ago. I can`t imagine a better cast, and the sets and costumes are just astounding."

To check out Pullman’s musings about the movie, click here to head over to his official site.

Source: ( Philip Pullman website )