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How to find all 51 God of War Eyes of Odin ravens and earn the Allfather Blinded trophy

Northri Stronghold

God of War - Northri Stronghold map

The Northri Stronghold, to the north, is home to two Eyes of Odin. 

VIDEO: 8.15 - 8.43

1. Pull your boat up to the dock by Sindri’s Store at the Northri Stronghold and do a 180-spin to find the raven up behind you.

2. Over by the ship where the battle happened, look to the left and you’ll see a raven hiding in the holes of the giant water gate.


God of War - Konunsgard map

Turns out the Dwarf king attracts some serious attention with all these dragons, as there are five Eyes of Odin hiding around Konunsgard.

VIDEO: 8.43 - 10.31

1. Behind the red chest beyond the poison mist down the path to the left after Sindri’s shop in Konunsgard, there’s a raven lurking in the rocks on the other side of the valley. 

2. After you pass through the sealed doors at the bottom left hand area of Konunsgard, work your way to the gate. Drop the bridge, and then this Eye of Odin is on the rocks to your right.

3. When you’ve smashed all the seals, release the dragon from his captivity, then as a reward collect the raven that’s been perched perilously below it the entire time.

4. Inside the Konunsgard fortress, take the path to the right of the door, and then turn left when you hit the shrine. Collect the goodies from the red chest and then look up to find the raven lurking amongst the foliage. 

5. From where the dragon’s tether is (or was), head up the path to the right. Just in the rocks above the platforms on the left is another Eye of Odin, practically hidden entirely by fog.

Forgotten Caverns

God of War - Konunsgard map

Over at the Forgotten Caverns to the east of the Lake of Nine, there are two ravens waiting for the cool touch of your axe.

VIDEO: 10.31 - 11.11

1. Access the Forgotten Caverns from the dock just inside the entrance to King’s Hollow. Then, climb up the wall there and look back down to your right as you reach the top to find the raven. 

2. While you’re busy solving the Nornir chest puzzle at the Forgotten Caverns, take a moment to notice the Eye of Odin perched atop the wooden column. That’s what I call a double win, so smash it when you get a second. 

Fafnir’s Storeroom

God of War - Fafnir's Storeroom map

Fafnir’s Storeroom is a land of plenty. Plenty of ravens in fact, with five hiding amongst Fafnir’s treasures. 

VIDEO: 11.11 - 12.25

1. There’s an area just beyond the Mystic Gateway at Fafnir’s Storeroom where you can see the sky. A raven’s using this opening as it’s personal playground, circling around against a skyblue backdrop.

2. As you reach the green open area of Fafnir’s Storeroom, there’s a raven almost in it’s natural habitat just chirping away on a branch above the pond.

3. There’s another Eye of Odin just above the entrance to the storeroom itself.

4. Inside Fafnir’s Storeroom, there’s a third Eye of Odin circling around the central platform where you place the entry stones.

5. On your way back to your boat outside Fafnir’s Storeroom, take a minute to notice the raven waiting for you up on the wooden struts.

Landsuther Mines

God of War - Landsuther Mines map

The Landsuther Mines are home to two Eyes of Odin just waiting to report back to the Raven God himself.

VIDEO: 12.25 - 13.08

1. After passing through the narrow gap near the entrance to the Landsuther mines, and climbing the wall, there’s a raven right in front of you on the wooden structure.

2. From the waterside area of the Landsuther Mines with the dead ancient, head through the tunnel and to the left. Move onto the decking area, fight anything that tries to kill you and then look up to high and to the right to find the raven. 

Isle of Death

God of War - Isle of Death map

It might sound like a place that’s crawling with Ravens, but the Isle of Death only has one raven hiding within its stone columns to the west of the Lake of Nine.

VIDEO: 13.08 - 13.28

1. Find the red chest on the west beach of the Isle of Death and then head directly in the opposite direction. There’s a raven hidden in the gap between the cliffs. 

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