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Flux? Flimsy

You know something’s up when a big blockbuster-shaped film isn’t screened for critics in the States before it hits cinemas. Yet in Aeon Flux’s case, it hardly seems like Paramount had to worry about a new Avengers stinker. The reviews that did make it out were definitely mixed – but there were some positives in there.

And despite a seemingly blanket advertising campaign – it was hard to open a movie website in the last two weeks and not see a pic of Charlize Theron on costume as Aeon – the film didn’t exactly set the box office alight. The lithe female assassin only managed to shoot her way into second place, with $13.1 million.

The top of the chart was reserved, once again, for its regular resident. The boy wizard, who rhymes with Larry Spotter, clung on to Number One despite a 63% drop. Think it’ll still be at the top next week? We think a certain Narnia-flavoured film will have something to say about that. Still, Goblet Of Fire has been a smashing success for Harry and co – it’s earned $229 million in the States alone so far.

Third place was taken by the still-strong Walk The Line, which remained in tune. Joaquin Phoenix strummed up $10 million. And though we don’t quite understand why – but are clearly not the target for it – madcap family comedy Yours, Mine And Ours (starring Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo) successfully stayed in the top five with $8.4 million.

At five, Just Friends proved it had plenty of those, enjoying a relatively small 36% drop to $5.9 million. Ryan Reynolds’ antics have now earned the film a total of $21.4 million.

Also doing well was Pride And Prejudice, which leapt up the charts in its second weekend of wide release. With $21.4 million in the bank, this is hardly a film in want of an audience. Tied for sixth place, though searching for a little more approval, was Rent – which hasn’t exactly made much of a song and dance, performing averagely. It grabbed $4.6 million for a running total of $23.9 million.

And so to the bottom end of the charts – Chicken Little managed to cluck in at eighth, with a $4.5 million weekend. Derailed stayed on track for a $2.4 million heist at ninth and Usher’s underperforming In The Mix slumped for tenth with $1.9 million.