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First pics from A Nightmare on Elm Street remake

One, two, Freddy's coming for you... and, judging by these three new shots from the update of Wes Craven's iconic 1984 slasher, he's looking pretty good in his new incarnation.

French website Omelete obtained these stills showing Watchmen' s Jackie Earle Haley in full Freddy mode, re-enacting a scene from the original in which he scrapes his razorblade fingers along a row of pipes (clearly horror's version of nails down a blackboard).

Is it us, or is there something about the way he's standing that seems to be a perfect recreation of Robert Englund's take on the character? A tiny head tilt, a certain insouciance? Or maybe it's just the hat.

The third shot features Kyle Gallner, one of the teenagers who tangle with the dream-haunting serial killer in a film which, from what we've heard so far, seems to be sticking reasonably close to the original's plot - a bunch of kids encounter the monster in their nightmares and don't always wake up from them.

Are you looking forward to Freddy's return? Sound off below - but don't have nightmares...