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First Get Him To The Greek trailer lands

Apple have premiered the first trailer for Russell Brand and Jonah Hill buddy comedy Get Him To The Greek .

A sort of non-sequel sequel, Brand reprises the character of rock star Aldous Snow that he played in 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall . Meanwhile, Jonah Hill turns up as the rocker’s new assistant, Aaron Greenberg (a different role to the one that he played in Marshall ).

Tasked with transporting Snow from our very own London to the plastic world of Los Angeles for a gig, Aaron finds himself up against all kinds of obstacles – most of them involving booze and boobs.

Jump on over here to check out the shiny new trailer , then hurry back and tell us your thoughts.

Us? We’re trying to get images of Pete Doherty out of our head. But we love the Pulp Fiction gag, and Brand excels at being both wordy and ever-so-slightly crazy.

Will it be funny crazy? Find out when Greek hits UK shores on 25 June, 2010.

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