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First footage of Kratos in Mortal Kombat leaked

Late last year, God of War star and all-around badass Kratos was confirmed as a character in the next iteration of Mortal Kombat, but we haven't seen what he'll actually look like in the game until now.

In an "Extended Trailer" posted on YouTube, we get only a few seconds of Kratos footage, but unlike the trailer released in December, this is actual in-game combat. Kratos appears at about 1:16 into the video:

Kratos' cinematic attack looks similar to his many quick-time event moves from God of War, complete, of course,with his signature blades.

The off-screen video isn't of the highest quality, but at least it provides an idea of what to expect when Kratos makes his cataclysmic debut in the fighting series later this year... and we're sure to get the proper version of the trailer soon.

[Source: VGChartz forums]

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Mar 22, 2011