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First Dredd footage online: watch now

The first 10 seconds of footage from Dredd have been unveiled in the form of a teaser for the teaser trailer (due to arrive tomorrow).

In what’s becoming a tantalising/irritating trend (delete as your mood dictates), a tiny snippet has been unveiled ahead of the proper trailer.

But, as it’s the first proper glimpse we’ve had at Dredd so far, it piqued our interest. There’s not a huge amount to say about such a brief glimpse, but Karl Urban seems to be owning the title role, growling in a suitably gruff voice and wielding a hand-cannon with appropriate authority.

Mega City One is virtually absent from the tease, so we get no real flavour of this movie’s world. Guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow for a better look.

Check out the footage below:

Dredd opens on 7 September 2012. Keen to erase memories of the horrible Sylvester Stallone take on Judge Dredd , we’ll be following this one closely…