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Final Fantasy 7 remake gets a shiny new trailer at The Game Awards

The long-awaited Final Fantasy 7 Remake looks better than ever in a new trailer revealed at The Game Awards 2019. 

The trailer is about a minute-and-a-half long and it's everything Final Fantasy fans have been waiting for, bar the actual game itself. The latest trailer is action-packed, includes a good mixture of cinematic and gameplay footage (although mostly cinematic), and is filled to the brim with the personality that made the original Final Fantasy 7 so well-loved.

While not quite as exciting as this latest trailer from The Game Awards 2019, Square Enix recently shared a slew of new Final  Fantasy 7 remake screenshots that show the diverse range of environments and characters you'll come across. Just like the original, only shinier, the Final Fantasy 7 remake sure knows how to elicit strong emotions.

Unlike the original though, you might've heard the Final Fantasy 7 remake will be released in several "episodes," meaning you won't be able to experience the full story of the original in one take. The first episode will release March 3, 2020, and while the second episode is already in development, there's no telling when it will actually release - surely well into the next console generation though.

For those who can't wait to lock in their copy of the fast-approaching remake, we've assembled a Final Fantasy 7 remake pre-order guide complete with everything you need to know about the different editions, as well as how and where to get each one.