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FIFA 16 career mode guide

So you’ve aced the interview, charmed the press and won over the players. Your first day as a manager in FIFA 16 begins… but now what? Who should you recruit to improve your team? How are you going to train your players? And how do you go about discovering the new generation of superstars?

Fear not, gentle reader, as we steer you through the uncertain waters of FIFA 16’s career mode. We’ve scoured the globe for the best young players and the cheapest bargains, the top training tips and the most reliable scouting advice. We’ve even thrown in a few little-known pointers on getting even more from your team.

Read on, future Fergies, for a veritable career compendium of knowledge, hacks and top class tips.

Table of Contents:

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Alex Blake
I love FIFA career mode, so much so that I run a site devoted to it at I'm sad like that.