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FEAR materialises on PS3

Friday 18 August 2006
Super atmospheric and none-too-shabby first-person shooter FEAR is on its way to PS3 and is due to land on the console sometime in November. You can see the first PS3 FEAR shots by clicking the images tab above.

Already responsible for shredding the nerves of PC gamers, FEAR combines subtle scare tactics and intense set-piece skirmishes that should sufficiently thrill early adopters of Sony's meaty new machine.

Above: With the power of PS3, players should expect effects aplenty

The PS3 version will contain some exclusive single-player content, which publisher Vivendi promises will "immerse the player deeper into the world of the FEAR team, as well as the visceral action of FEAR multiplayer".

For more info on FEAR, check out ourreview of the PC version.

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