Fallout: New Vegas Unique Weapons guide

Fair warning – You must have the Wild Wasteland perk to acquire this weapon. If you do have the Wild Wasteland perk then you cannot get the YCS/186.

Location: Mojave Wasteland, North of Horowitz Farm

Remember those wacky aliens that stole you up during the events of Mothership Zeta? Well it seems like a bunch of them are hanging out in the northernmost parts of the map and they totally have some sweet equipment for you to loot. Most notable amongst these is the Alien Blaster, a very powerful energy weapon that can cut through anyone foolish enough to stand in your way while also being lightweight.

To get the Alien Blaster you’re going to need the Wild Wasteland perk as it changes the landscape of the area a short ways north of the Horowitz farm. The farm is found along the road northwest of New Vegas, namely Westside, so it isn’t easy to miss. Without the perk there’s a mercenary camp but with it you will see a spaceship parked on an upper ledge and three aliens around a campfire. These guys are tough but with a little bit of coercion (i.e. bullets to the face) they will go down and you can take their equipment.

Sadly the Alien Blaster isn’t that fantastic in this game. The ammo is obviously seriously limited, the damage doesn’t seem to be quite as impressive as it was in Fallout 3 and overall you’re much better off with the YCS/186… which doesn’t spawn if you have Wild Wasteland as it overwrites the mercenary camp with the alien ship.

But if you have a high enough Luck, or rather just not a low one, than the Alien Blaster becomes infinitely more useful. With a Luck in the range of 4 or 5 this weapon seems to land critical hits with almost every shot. When it does happen to execute a critical this thing does well over one hundred points of damage that seem to blow through damage threshold and damage resistance with almost ridiculous ease. This weapon makes short work of even the Legendary Deathclaw.

Oh and if you’re using Arcade put this in his hands during the really important fights, like the Legendary Deathclaw or Legate Lanius, and you’ll tear him a new one. Just take a look at the video attached to Mercy for a good example of this.

Location: Vault 34

While it may be one of the better weapons in the game, the All-American is in one of the most aggravating areas in the entirety of Fallout: New Vegas. This Vault, found southeast of the Crimson Caravan Company and New Vegas Medical Clinic, is the height of frustration to navigate. It features constantly respawning enemies and is linear enough to explore in a short time, but yet somewhat confusing in layout. Paired up with the radiation this means you’re going to need to explore fast, bring a lot of Rad-X and RadAway and move as fast as possible.

For this you’re going to need to move through the caves, into the Vault proper, drop down into the Atrium and then drop down into the lower level. From here find the first sunken staircase, swim down and grab the password off the dead ghoul. Next find the medical clinic, go through the far door and find the second sunken staircase to get the next password. Head into the Utility Room to drain the nearby sunken staircase, go down into it and open the Overseers area. Find the Overseers office, kill his ghoul self and use his terminal to open the armory. Double back, enter the armory and take this gun off of one of the tables.

Honestly this weapon is totally not worth all the damn effort you have to go through to get it. Other than looking really cool, and having an immensely bad-ass scope, this gun isn’t really all that special. The main advantage of this gun is the same thing as the regular Marksman Carbine; it can be used to snipe multiple enemies very quickly. If you have a high enough Gun skill to keep your aim steady then you can tear enemies apart at rather extreme ranges.

Patch 1.02 - Previously the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle was the better gun but now with that gun having its damage and critical hit chance gimped the All-American is now a much better weapon.

If you can get Boone or Cass to equip this weapon than they will tear your enemies a new one at long range. Make sure that they’re set to fight passively or you might find them taking pot shots at enemies at absurd distances and picking fights.

Location: Black Mountain

To get to Annabelle it’s up Black Mountain with you. This location is pretty central on the map, located East of Sloan which is itself northeast of Goodsprings Cemetary along the road. Once you’ve found Black Mountain you have two ways to actually make your way up but the best way is to approach from the east. To the north and a ways east of Novac and Helios One is a location called Hidden Valley. This is the much safer alternative to climbing up the heavily guarded main route.

While facing the gate entrance to Hidden Valley look to your right. Here you can find a trail that is guarded by a bunch of Centaurs, likely Evolved Centaurs. Kill them and start climbing up the path where you will reach the Black Mountain summit. Open the gate and slip through the buildings, taking a look around. You should see a large radio broadcasting tower with two Nightkin on it. Killing the two of them will let you loot Annabelle off of the Nightkin Sniper.

Annabelle is an absolute freaking beast when blasting away at your enemies. It does a helluva lot of damage is generally superior to the regular missile launcher in every way. With better range, cheaper AP cost to use in VATs and more accurate. Hell it’s even got better condition, lower weight and lower strength requirement. If you’re planning on using big weapons / explosives then this is an ideal weapon for you.