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Fallout: New Vegas snow globe guide

Every good open world game these days needs some collectibles and Fallout: New Vegas is no different. Out of all of the things to collect in the Mojave Wasteland, and believe us there are a whole freaking lot of them, some of the most elusive are the Snow Globes. These seven little trinkets are incredibly hard to find due to their small size but if you can grab them they can either be displayed in your home or sold to Mr. House for a rather exorbitant amount of caps. Finding them is the hard part.

But that’s where we come in. We here at GamesRadar have lost a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears and more than a bit of sleep to bring you a list of where all of these Snow Globes can be located so you don’t have to! Of course we can’t do anything about the mutant wildlife, super mutants and raiders but heck, if we did everything for you then you’d never learn.

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Good Spring Snow Globe

The very first Snow Globe is found in the very first town in the game. You will need to make your way to the Good Springs Cemetary, up a hill north-northeast of town. Head towards the water tower while looking to your left and you will see this sitting in front of a small, rectangular, tombstone.

Above: From Good Springs head for this hill

Above: It’s lying on the dirt just in front of this grave

Mount Charleston Globe

This is one of the earliest Snow Globes you can get, but the trip is incredibly perilous. Jacobstown is located in the far northwest part of the map. If you look at your world map it is in what appears to be a crater to the west of Westside. The only path there is along the road that winds up into the mountains so don’t bother trying to mountain climb your way to a shortcut. The trip is only made more perilous by the dozens of Cazadors and Fiends along the way.

Once you actually get there it’s a simple matter of entering the lodge and grabbing it off the desk right in front of you. But do have fun even getting here in the first place.

Above: There's no shortcuts on the way up the mountain, so be prepared for some brutal fights

Hoover Dam

Reaching the Hoover Dam is tricky but it gets a lot simpler if you follow the main quest until you reach Boulder City. From there leave town by hugging the rock face to the southeast. Keep moving that way and you will find a semi-hidden road that takes you through the rocks to the dam itself. Enter the first door you see, going into the Visitor’s Center, where this will be sitting on the desk in front of you.

Above: This globe is hidden in the Hoover Dam visitor's center