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Fallout 76 microtransactions use Atoms and lets you buy skins, masks, weapon decals and more

Fallout 76 microtransactions are an odd thing. Originally meant for cosmetic things, the introduction of 'pay to win' repair kits and the removal of Atom currency rewards from challenges mean players still aren't comfortable with them. It doesn't help that a lot of the prices are quite high for what amounts to a pallet swap in some cases. So, if you want to know all about Fallout 76 Atoms, it's in-game currency, how to get them and what you can do with them, we've got all the info here. 

What are Atoms in Fallout 76? 

The Fallout 76 microtransaction currency is called Atoms, a form of in-game money you can buy with real world cash or earn in-game by completing various challenges. Bethesda’s Pete Hines has stated that the game will “throw them at you all the time” as you play. Our experience with the Fallout 76 beta so far would support that, with almost every activity earning a few Atoms. 

How do you earn Atoms in Fallout 76?

Atoms are earned in Fallout 76 by completing numerous small challenges. You get then for killing enemies, crafting, exploring and loads more. Here’s na example of the sort of things you can do to earn Atom in Fallout 76: 

  • Kill an enemy +10 Atoms
  • Harvest wild plants and Fungi +10 Atoms
  • Kill Scorched +10 Atoms
  • Kill a creature +10 Atoms
  • Discover the Overseers Camp +10 Atoms
  • Collect a Bobblehead, Holotape, or Magazine +10 Atoms
  • Craft or scrap a ranged weapon +10 Atoms
  • Craft a piece of armour +10 Atoms
  • Explore Appalachia for an hour +10 Atoms
  • Boil Water +10 Atoms
  • Equip a Perk Card +10 Atoms
  • Cook a meal +10 Atoms
  • Deploy a CAMP to settle Appalachia +10 Atoms
  • Build a furnishing or workshop in CAMP +10 Atoms

It's worth noting though in a recent update some challenge rewards were changed from Atoms to things like Stimpacks. It's meant to ease new players into the game but it's been contentious as it's taking away the options to earn the in-game money rather, and pushing people more towards buying it. 

Can you buy Atoms in Fallout 76, and how much do they cost? 

While you can earn Atoms in-game you can totally buy Fallout 76 Atoms with real money if you’re impatient. They come in a range of bundles, with extra bonus Atoms the more you spend. Here’s the pricing we have so far (which is currently only confirmed in Euros):

  • 500  Atoms €4.99 (approx £4.40/$5.70)
  • 1000 + 100 bonus Atoms €9.99 (approx £8.84/$11.90)
  • 2000 + 400 Bonus Atoms €19.99 (approx £17.68/$21.81 )
  • 4000 + 1000 bonus Atoms €39.99 (approx £35.37 /$45.63)

What can you buy in the Atomic Shop in Fallout 76? 

The Fallout 76 beta has given us a look at the Atomic Shjop where you can blow your hard earned ATOMs on a range of things. It's all cosmetic stuff so all you can buy are things that change the appearance of your character, as well as items in your camp, and things to use in photo mode. These are the different categories of what you can buy:  

  • Apparel - clothes, outfits and hats for your character to wear. 
  • Skins - skins to change your weapons, Pip- Boy and other gear.
  • C.A.M.P. - decorative items for your camp including things like plants and floor tiles, as well as decorative skins such as 'clean' versions of wasteland machines, or a Nuka-Cola skin for your stash box. 
  • Styles - decorative things like tattoos and other appearance changing options for you character. 
  • Photomode - poses, frames and other things to change the pictures you take. 
  • Emotes - different emotes you can use to communicate with other players.
  • Icons - Fallout themed icons. 

While the Fallout 76 beta only had a few sample items on display, the contents of the Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition show the sort of customisation available in the final game. 

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