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Fable dev team includes veterans who worked on GTA 5, Batman: Arkham Knight, and more

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A number of veteran developers whose work includes GTA 5, Batman: Arkham Knight, and more are working on the upcoming return of Fable. 

VGC has taken a closer look at who's working on Fable, and produced a list that includes the likes of devs who worked on games such as Rockstar's mega-seller GTA 5, Ninja Theory's Hellblade, and Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight. 

According to a previous report, Arkham Knight's lead scriptwriter Martin Lancaster is now Fable's narrative director, and former Rocksteady scriptwriters Kim Macaskill and Craig Owens also joined Playground Games to work on Fable. 

Other notable figures include Fable's chief designer Will Kennedy, who previously worked on GTA 5 and GTA Online as a level designer. Borderlands lead quest designer Hunter Wright is also attached to Fable along with Hellblade's lead designer Juan Fernández de Simón. 

We first (officially) learned Playground Games would be at the helm of Fable's development when it was announced during the recent Xbox Series X games showcase. After the short cinematic trailer debuted, many figures involved in the game's development took to Twitter to reveal their involvement in bringing Fable back. 

I, like many others, have been eagerly awaiting news about a rumored Fable 4 for quite some time. Officially a reboot, Fable is set to get a "fresh start" with the Playground Games development team breathing new life into the much-loved series that was originally developed by the now-shuttered Lionhead Studios. Set to launch on the next-gen Xbox Series X and PC, we're still waiting on a release date to be revealed.

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