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How to get the Elden Ring horse

Elden Ring
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To get the Elden Ring horse you can unlock and summon at will - known more formally as the Spectral Steed Torrent - players will have to do a bit of exploration and swordplay first. It's worth it though - Torrent is a vital part of the traversal mechanics in Elden Ring, able to dash across the landscape and scale steep terrain easily, as well as providing an edge in certain combat encounters. We'll show you how to get Torrent the Elden Ring horse below, as well as all the advantages and abilities that come with cavalry combat.

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How to unlock the Elden Ring horse

Elden Ring tips

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Players can unlock Torrent the Spectral Steed by visiting Sites of Grace - the glowing gold bonfire checkpoints - in the explorable overworld. Many players seem to unlock the horse once they hit the Stormgate Site of Grace, but this is actually a coincidence - from what we've seen, all a player needs to do is find three Sites of Grace in the Overworld, and after resting at the third one, they'll be visited by an NPC in a cutscene. 

We won't spoil details about this character, but they'll give you an item called the Spectral Steed Whistle, which you can trigger at any time. It's listed in your Key Items and can be equipped in the Equipment menu as a Quick Item, like your flasks. From that point, trigger it at any point in the main world to summon (or desummon) Torrent the horse beneath you.

How to ride and use Torrent the Spectral Steed

Elden Ring

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Torrent the Spectral Steed basically functions to increase the player's manoeuvrability while slightly limiting the range of actions that can be taken. Torrent can double-jump and move faster than the player, but is more unwieldy and less precise in its movements. Players also can't perform certain skills, blocks or behaviours while mounted, though they can still attack and engage in combat - it's just very different as a result of all these new restrictions and elements.

There's also other rules regarding Torrent. For one thing, the horse is not immortal, and can be killed by both enemy attacks and extreme fall damage. If killed it disappears, but can be brought back either by returning to a Site of Grace, or expending a Flask of Crimson Tears while out exploring. We don't know yet if there'll be boss fights that explicitly depend on horse riding and mounted combat, but it certainly seems like those high jumps and fast movements would be well-suited to fighting bigger, grander enemies.

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