E3 has opened! And we're inside

Wednesday 10 May 2006
After all the talk, after all the pre-show conferences, after all the trailers and all the hype, E3 is finally open. And we're here!

Yes, the vast LA Conference Centre has finally opened its doors and we are on the floor of the show itself, ready to bring you all of the breaking news, ready with informative and informed hands-on reports and ready with plenty of footage, right from the heart of E3

Above: E3 2006

And while the last few days have been filled with big announcements from every big name in the business, this is where the real stories are. And that is why we are here, to cut through the hype, to cut through the crowds, to get our hands on Wii, PS3 and 360, to make sure you get the news you need, the opinions you trust and the footage, facts and shots to make your own judgements.