DS gets Trauma Center sequel

A new Trauma Center game, currently dubbed Under the Knife 2, is on the way to DS, and will boast a new mode that will keep the "all-thumbs" surgeons out there from cocking up too, too badly.

The first Trauma Center game was brilliant, but was thought by many to be a little too difficult. The new game will, according to Nintendo Power (viaDSFanboy), boast a new mode -presumably an Easy mode -which will off-set therock hard challenges that made wimps cry in the last game.

Dr. Stiles and Nurse Angie Thompson supposedly star again, apparently out to explore the "unanswered mysteries" of the now-defeated GUILT Virus.

Although we expect Atlus to dream up plenty of new instruments and gameplay mechanics, none have been revealed. The game is expected out this summer, so look out for more details soon.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 1, 2008