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The Division will let you swap out scopes, skills, and boonie hats

As an agent of The Division, you'll need to be prepared for any eventuality that involves shooting at people. You'll need to be adaptable, from the scope on your rifle to the stylish and practical cap on your head, all the way up to the abilities on your shoulder buttons.

This new community Q&A video from Ubisoft explains how The Division will let you customize your agent for the tasks at hand. It also confirms that you can have up to four characters at once, which is one more than fellow online RPG shooter Destiny. Consider the character slot gauntlet thrown, Bungie!

Choosing your own look is fun and all, but do make sure you dress your agent up in a nice warm coat and hat, boonie or otherwise. The Division has some serious blizzards and you won't want to catch a cold on top of suffering through poor visibility and target acquisition. Bundle up, because The Division beta is coming to Xbox One in December.

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Connor Sheridan
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