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Demonflame, the new Adventure Pack for Champions Online, arrives in October

Champions Online will release its second Adventure Pack this October. Titled %26ldquo;Demonflame,%26rdquo; this brand new adventure is available to solo or co-op players level 11 %26ndash; 40, and offers an all-new realm to explore. The add-on promises to scale the challenge to player levels.

According to the game lore: Twenty years ago, Luther Black used the full power of his DEMON organization to initiate the %26ldquo;Demonflame incident." Through magic and human sacrifice (It just wouldn%26rsquo;t be a party without some good old human sacrifice, would it?) he created a tower of flames that rose into the sky, and at its peak he attempted a ritual to open the doors between worlds and drain the power of the Qliphothic entity known as %26ldquo;Sharna-Gorak the Destroyer." He was stopped by a combined force of brave superheroes and, shockingly, VIPER. Luther Black's plan was foiled, and the tower disappeared.

Apparently, though, 15 minutes in the corner didn%26rsquo;t teach Mr. Black his lesson and he%26rsquo;s at it again. Does your hero have what it takes to shut Luther Black down for good, or will he succeed in imbuing himself with the eldritch powers of the Qliphothic realm?

Oct 05, 2010