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DC's got some Harley Quinn news coming Friday

(Image credit: DC)

DC is hinting at big things ahead for Harley Quinn – in fact, they're waving a hammer in our faces and promising it's gonna hit us with some big news regarding the Clown Princess of Crime some time on Friday.

(Image credit: DC)

Thursday afternoon, DC tweeted an image of Harley Quinn by current Batman artist Jorge Jimenez, featuring Harley brandishing her trademark baseball bat and gigantic mallet – both seemingly spattered with blood, no less – along with Harlety's word bubbles reading "Somethin' BIG is comin' – I'm droppin' the hammer TOMORROW!" and the caption "Listen to Harley: somethin' BIG is comin'."

Harley Quinn is playing a major role in the upcoming Batman arc 'The Joker War' by writer James Tynion IV and Jimenez, which runs from Batman #95-100.  In this week's Batman #93, Harley Quinn already met the Joker's new henchwoman/moll Punchline, who ended up cutting her throat and leaving her for dead. 

Harley will be featured on one of a series of 'Joker War' variant covers (also by Jimenez) running through Batman #100, with Harley Quinn taking the spotlight on the variant for Batman #96 – so there's some reason to believe the announcement could tie into the events of that issue or at least 'Joker War' overall.

(Image credit: DC)

Harley Quinn's current ongoing series will end with August 4's #75 - the penultimate issue is coming up on July 7.

Interestingly, Jimmy Palmiotti, who co-wrote Harley Quinn's previous ongoing series with his wife Amanda Conner, also tweeted the image – perhaps supporting a favorite character, or possibly signaling his involvement with the announcement.

Check back with Newsarama on Friday, June 26 for the details of DC's Harley-centric news.

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