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DayZ creator Dean Hall debuts new game Icarus

(Image credit: RocketWerkz)

Icarus is the brand new game from the brain that brought you DayZ. Dean Hall, owner of said brain and studio Rocketwerkz, showed off the game for the first time at the PC Gaming Show today. The game will be free-to-play and focus on survival. 

The trailer might look like science fiction, but the game's survival mechanics will be grounded in reality. Yes, you'll be collect resources and chopping down trees, hunting and building, but you'll also be trying to complete contracts on new planets in real-time. 

Hall explained during the PC Gaming Show that you and your co-op companions will start in a space station, choose a mission, and then head down to an alien planet to complete it. That mission might have a time limit of 30 minutes or two days. You'll face hazards on the various planets, like wild animals, and you'll need to complete missions on time or risk being left behind by your transport. Which is way worse than being left behind by the school bus, because it means your character is dead, along with any progress they've made. 

"If you run out of oxygen, someone can come and revive you," Hall told PC Gamer. "If you get attacked by this particular animal and damaged, someone can heal you. But if you run out of time, it's over."

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