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Days Gone map: Take a look at the vast world of Days Gone

When you get started in this zombie apocalypse, the Days Gone map seems fairly small. You start in the Cascades region and to the west is Hot Springs, but there’s not much else to explore. Eventually however, when you progress further through Days Gone, the world opens up and you get to explore the freaker apocalypse in an area almost three times the size as the one you start out in. Here’s everything we know about the Days Gone map, with a complete stitched image of all the areas.

Note: Obviously this contains some minor spoilers about the game, so if you want to go in blind, stop reading now.

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Days Gone map

Days Gone map

When looking at the Days Gone map in-game, you can’t zoom out all the way to take a look at the entire map. We’ve stitched together the image above for a rough look at the full map with almost all areas explored. The white cloudy areas indicate unexplored parts of the map, but most of these are mountaintops and inaccessible.

In the top left corner, the desert region with the huge mountain in the middle is Hot Springs, which has Ada Tucker’s camp in the woodland area to the west. The top right region is Cascades, which is the starting region with Mark Copeland’s camp in the south-west corner.

Below Hot Springs is Iron Butte, which is largely populated by Rippers and inaccessible for a huge portion of the game. To the east of there is Lost Lake, with Iron Mike’s camp in the very middle surrounded by Lost Lake on either side.

In the lower third of the map, the left side is Crater Lake, which has both Derrick Kouri’s camp in the north-west and Colonel Garrett’s camp in the very middle of Crater Lake. Highway 97 is the final region found to the east, which doesn’t have a camp at all. Finally, the huge snowy mountainous region simply separates Crater Lake and Highway 97 from the rest of the map and is known in-game as the Thielsen Pass.

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