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Skyrim Dawnguard walkthrough

Impatience of a Saint Quest

Perhaps the most difficult quest of the entire DLC, Impatience of a Saint requires you track down 10 pages of Jiubs memoirs, which are scattered all across the massive Soul Cairn (an area you gain access to at the end of the “Chasing Echoes” main quest). 

The Soul Cairn is a big place, so in order to help you use our guide, you’ll need to understand the layout of the area. You enter the Soul Cairn from its southwest corner. There is a fairly straight main path that leads all the way through the area and to the Boneyard (a massive structure) in the northeast end atop a hill, where Valerica stays. A little less than halfway along that path, you’ll pass through a gap in a large wall that runs in a southeastern direction and divides the entire Soul Cairn into two sections.

Your rewards for this quest are two items (unfortunately no trophy or achievement): Saint Jiub’s Opus, which is just all 10 pages mashed together into a relatively worthless book, and the Locket of Saint Jib, which increases both your carrying capacity and stamina by 50. Both are pictured below:

Where is Jiub?

Jiub is far beyond the wall that divides the Soul Cairn. If you were to start from the steps leading into the Boneyard, head south-southeast. He’s among some dead trees just east of the large structure with the windowed walls and one of the hovering, soul-draining crystals. If you’ve found the Reaper’s Lair, he’s northwest of that.

An alternative way to find him is to start at the gap in the wall and continue along the main path until you reach the short, raised platform that serves as a hub to four different path branches. From this hub, head directly east, not following any path. You’ll eventually (and literally) run into the structure mentioned in the above paragraph. Simply go around it and continue directly east - Jiub is not far from that structure.

Page 1

From the south side of the wall, head for the gap. Instead of passing through it, follow along the wall to the southeast until you reach a short staircase leading to an alcove with a soul. The page is right next to him.

Page 8

As you move towards the wall from the entrance to the Soul Cairn, you should spot a small building with stairs leading up to its barred entrance, which is locked by the two blue orbs on either side of it. Blast the orbs with magic or arrows to open the bars and find a page inside.

Page 6

From page 8, move further along the main path leading to the wall from the south side and you’ll notice a small but open structure on the right with four support columns. Inside there’s a chest; the page is on the floor next to it.

Page 10

Just after passing through the gap in the wall, look for a merchant soul standing next to a cart, which is in front of a large structure. Check on top of the barrel next to his cart for a page.

Page 2

Descend the Boneyard Entrance’s stairs and make an immediate right. Enter the building you see to find a word wall (Durnehviir hangs out here after you’ve made friends with him). The page is on the ground near the chest next to the word wall.

Page 4

Descend the Boneyard Entrance’s stairs and turn left. Follow the wall until you reach another part of the structure with stairs leading up. Climb these stairs and you’ll notice a handful of souls lingering around. Look for another short staircase leading up. At the top, you’ll find a short corridor with a chest at the end. The page is on the ground near the chest.

Page 7

Head south-southeast from the four Soul Cairn teleporters marked on the map (which are far east of the Boneyard). You should spot a raised platform planted in the middle of the ground. Climb the steps and check the floor under the altar, which holds the “Conjure Mistman” spell tome.

Page 5

From where you find Jiub, head directly south. Look for a large soul well with a wish circling around it. The note is at the base of this well next to some other goodies.

Page 9

Descend the Boneyard Entrance’s stairs and start heading west. As you go, you’ll notice a building with soul-absorbing crystal above it. Continue past that building to an even larger building - also with a crystal above it. This building is actually a huge maze. Work your way through it until you find the teleporter that leads to the roof. Up here you’ll find the page next to the chest that lies directly under the floating crystal.

Page 3

From the entrance to the Soul Cairn, go up to the gap in the large wall. Stay on the south side of the wall and follow it west until you can pass through a small entranceway into an enclosed area with a building featuring a floating crystal above it. The page is on the ground near the chest found directly under that crystal.