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David Jaffe gives 360-owning Twisted Metal fan a PS3

What happens if you're an Xbox 360 fanboy, and a Twisted Metal fanboy? Unfortunately, you won't be able to play the new PS3-exclusive Twisted Metal game. That is, unless you happen to catch the eye of series creator David Jaffe.

Recently, Twitter user mayham_stone050 posted a message asking if Twisted Metal would ever be coming to the Xbox 360. Jaffe took it upon himself to reply, saying that it was "just for PS3 users." Aftercommenters on Destructoidgot a hold of the story, Jaffe responded in defense of his preference for Sony,writing in a barrage of tweets:

"Holy f**k, Destructoid Xbox only owners out in full force against me. WTF? I can't have an opinion? It's not that we would not LOVE to have our games in every home in the world...even the ones w/out electricity. F**k it- we don't care! It's just that we value our relationship with Sony very, very much. They give us extra time to make the game great, lots of creative and marketing and business support. And we like the people over there tons; they are like family. Why is it so hard to understand we'd like 2 stay in that kind of working relationship?"

Whether or not Jaffe is allowed to have an opinion aside (the internet says 'no,' generally),he is allowed to be a pretty cool guy.Jaffe tracked down the anonymous gamer who had originally asked the question, found out he did not own a PS3 and then managed to hook him up with the Sony console completely gratis.

To let everyone know of his charitable feat, Jaffe posted to Twitter: "To those wondering: we got in touch with our 360 owning New Yorker so he's getting the PS3. Thanks!"

Pretty cool, Jaffe. I guess some Twitterers are just at the right place at the right time. I wonder if I could get a free Xbox 360 if I asked Bungie about Halo coming to the Wii...


Dec 1, 2010