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Cuba Gooding befriends Harold

In his constant struggle for career rejuvenation, Cuba Gooding Jr keeps attaching himself to a wide variety of projects. Hoping to put the horrors of Boat Trip well behind him, he’s signed on to produce and co-star in Harold, which is described by its director/co-writer producer Morris Levy as “in the vein of Napoleon Dynamite”.

So what does that mean? One word: gawkiness. The plot follows the titular pupil, who arrives at a new high school cursed with early baldness that has to survive in the merciless society. His only friend in the hell of teenage life is the janitor (Gooding) who helps him survive the taunts of his peers. Kids can be so cruel, can’t they?

Saturday Night Live veteran Sean T Shannon’s making his directorial debut, from a script he penned with Greg Fields, it kicks off shooting in New York this August.