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Crazy eBay gamer hopes $35,000 for a NES and some games sounds about right

Have $35,000 to burn? Well, perhaps you would like a fine automobile? Too obvious, you say? Maybe invest in a low-risk offshore corporate start-up? We hear you; too risky in this financial climate. It sure is hard to have a ton of cash to dump and nothing worth spending it on, isn’t it?

Cracked-in-the-skull eBay seller ronald3868, then, has thedeal for you. An original NES with 42 games, four controllers, a GameGenie, a zapperAND a soft-sided carrying case.

Above: Off. Your. Rocker. Sure is in pristine condition, though.

That’s right, for the low, low price of only $35,000 (or best offer, of course), you can be the proud owner of a Nintendo Entertainment System and 42 games. Why in hell would anyone ask for that kind of scratch for something worth a mere fraction of that cost? We’ll let our man ronald3868 tell it like it is straight from the eBay posting:

“I am down on my luck need to pay bills living pay check to pay check. this is my price possession the only thing I can say I own 100%. to some a nes system could mean nothing but to me its priceless. I hate to part with it but i need the money. You might say what a ridiculous price but thats how hard it is for me to part with it. I have 100% feedback. whoever buys it can verify that I really need the money. I can show you my bills and credit report to verify it and I will give proof that the bills got paid. I would like to personally hand over the nes bundle system over to the winner and personally thank him/her if possible. God bless.”

The absurdity of all of this is that the Question/Answer section of the eBay listing is starting to pick up steam in giving the seller encouragement. He seems pretty grateful for their comments, but not as grateful ashe'd be if he were$35K richer.

You may think that this is overpriced. You may think that this is ridiculous. You may also think that monkeys that shit fire while juggling cans of Dr. Pepper and riding unicycles are absurd. All of these beliefs are true. But we’ll bet you more bagels than a man can eat that we are going to follow this sale until its last possible second on the internet.

Jul 16, 2010