____________________________ Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode Guide ____________________________ (If anyone wants to make an ASCII title for this guide I would greatly appreciate it and give you full credit for it) ********************************************* Version History * ********************************************* Version 0.5 (4/19/09): Got some sections mostly done, need to add the inventories to the character section and some other sections later Version 0.6 (4/24/09): Added the inventories Version 0.8 (4/28/09): Started a section on stages and added exchange point costs for characters, as well as added a couple strategies. Version 1.0 (5/01/09): Finished the stage tips section. Version 1.5 (5/04/09): Added a section about Survivors Weapons, and one about achievements, as well as doing some minor edits. Version 1.6 (5/12/09): Cleaned up a couple things and added one or two things I forgot. Version 2.5 (5/24/09): Wooooo, major update today. Cleaned some stuff, corrected some information, put in some ASCII boxes here and there and moved some stuff around. Also made two new sections! ********************************************** Table of Contents * ********************************************** 1. Word from the Author 2. Introduction 3. Basic Info 4. General Strategies 5. Characters 6. Slayers Tier List 7. Survivor Weapons 8. Stage Tips 9. Achievements/Trophies 10. Contact Info and Credits ********************************************** 1. Word from the Author * ********************************************** Hello, thank you for viewing my guide! This is the first FAQ I've ever done, but have done my best to make sure it is good and accomplishes what it is meant to. If you do not know what Versus mode is or have yet to buy this fun downloadable content, read the Introduction and Basic Info sections. If you know what you are here for, then enjoy! ~FoxyAreku ********************************************** 2. Introduction * ********************************************** Resident Evil 5 is the most recent installment to one of the most popular Survival-Horror Franchises, made by Capcom this game borrows alot of gameplay elements from the it's predecessor "Resident Evil 4", which is widely known (for some reason) as a smash hit, though rather then going for a solo approach, RE5 specializes in fast-paced cooperative gameplay. This guide is for the Versus Mode DLC that was released April 9th, about two weeks after the release of the actual game, and covers everything from characters to strategies to stages, let's get started! ********************************************** 3. Basic Info * ********************************************** Q: What is Versus Mode? A: Versus Mode is downloadable Content for the game "Resident Evil 5", and pits players against each other in one of two very different modes. One is called "Slayers" which is basically a competitive Mercenaries mode, and the other is called "Survivors" which is basically a deathmatch. In both modes you are trying to get the most amount of points to win the match. Q: That's dumb! All people will do is stand there and shoot each other! A: Only people who would do that are those who want to lose. Q: How much is this DLC? And is it worth that price? A: 400 Microsoft points, and yes it is, very much so. Unless $5 is actually alot of money to you. Q: I heard the DLC was already on the disc! Why am I paying? A: It's not on the disc, anyone who thinks it is doesn't know what they are talking about. The framework for the DLC came in an update a couple days before it was released and you are paying to unlock it. Q: What characters and stages are used in Versus? A: Same characters and stages from mercenaries Q: Does Mercs have leaderboards? A: Yes, just like Mercenaries, however they are more about whoever has played the most games and won the most points rather then who is the best. Q: How are points on the Leaderboard calculated? A: The leaderboards are very confusing really. The points you get are the same as the amount of exchange points you earn after a match, except without the zeros. For example, if you get 2,500 points for first place you will get 25 points that go towards the leaderboards. These are cumulative and they never go away, I think, I do not know how the character you used is put on the leaderboard, it might be the character you have used the most or you might actually have to use the same character all the time on that stage/mode. (If someone reading this could give me confirmation, I would appreciate it.) ********************************************** 4. General Strategies * ********************************************** 1. Time Just like in Mercenaries, time is a major factor in this mode, though in a completely different way. You actually want the match to end as quick as possible once you get in the lead. Every second that goes by could be a second another player uses to get ahead of you, so think before you go on hitting every time bonus you run into. 2. Other Players You will always have to deal with 1 to 3 other people when playing versus, and how you deal with them should depend on the mode. If you are in Slayers, DO NOT go after them unless you are certain you will be able to kill them without taking very much damage. Other players are only worth 1000 points. Also, if you are playing as Safari Chris or are on Ship Deck, NEVER use a Rocket Launcher on another player, you can use it on a boss enemy and get ten times the amount of points. Now, in Survivors, the other players should be your main concern, because they are the only way to get points. Don't think you ALWAYS have to go in for the kill though, because while you do get lots of points for killing, it won't do you any good if you get killed trying to kill them, and you do get some points for merely damaging them. 3. Melee In Survivors, ALWAYS finish off players that get put into "DYING" with a melee attack. You get a hefty sum of bonus points for doing so. The only exception to this rule is if there is another enemy player right next to the dying person, and there is no way you could melee him without taking lots of damage yourself. 4. Fight or Flee? The constant question you must ask yourself, versus mode requires constant thinking if you want to do well, and it's not always a good idea to go rambo on everything. If you are put into the lead then this is usually the best time to make a run for it until time runs out, just make sure that no one else tops your score in the last few seconds. 5. Healing items in Team Survivors When playing Team Survivors, it is suggested to track down the healing item stash in the level and use and/or discard all of the heals there immediatly. This will prevent the opposite team from getting them, while ensuring you will be able to resuscitate your partner if they get put into dying. Resuscitating is superior to healing a dying comrade because it registers immediatly and will give you invincibility frames, making the other team waste ammo if they shoot you during. 6. Avoid the Hunter! No, I'm not talking about the frog like creature from Resident Evil 1, what I mean here is that annoying player in Slayers who will not kill any enemies and do nothing but chase after you. A good way to deal with this kind of person is quite simple, run. Don't waste time on them, if they continue to chase you down for an extended period of time though, you will have to do something, find a way to take them down, this will cause them to teleport, hopefully, far away from you. After that happens, do whatever you must to avoid them while you continue to take out enemies, keep an eye on their location on your map. ***The following strategies were provided by cmhamlin*** 7. Environmental hazards Always be aware of your surroundings! If an enemy is chasing you, do NOT go near a barrel or transformer; your pursuer will just shoot it. Transformers are especially deadly because they also cause you to go into a long animation where you do NOT have invincibility frames. Again, just shoot the transformer and then open fire with your strongest weapon, you'll have plenty of time to put them in dying. Be wary of the spike traps on "Village" and "Experimental Facility" too. 8.Avoid "shoot-offs" A "shoot-off" is when two players meet, and then stand flat-footed, firing at each other, hoping the other goes into dying first. Instead, try to move to your opponent's side and aim from there, or use an incendiary grenade if you have one. Knifing is especially effective with Jill because her knife stabs much faster than other characters. If you're using controller type A, you can move the right stick left or right and then aim to snap your aim very quickly. Learning how to "dance" around your opponent and wear them out is key to winning duels. The only exception to this rule is weaponry; shoot-offs are great for you when you've got a bigger gun. 9.Ladders and ledges are deathtraps NEVER EVER EVER chase a player up a ladder. When they get to the top, they can turn around and get plenty of free hits on your while you're climbing up. The animation is longer than you think, and a Jill player can almost knife you into dying while you're climbing up. Also don't chase enemies when they jump off ledges. Again, there is an animation you go through when jumping off and landing, and a smart player just turn around and get a free hit while you're completing the animation. **The following Strategy was provided by EnricoMarini01*** 10. Grab an item, avoid damage While not a great move, the short time where you are picking up an item is one of the very few times when you have invincibility frames in versus, and can sometimes save you in a pinch (If you would like to contribute a strategy, see the Contact Info section) ********************************************** 5. Characters * ********************************************** _____________________________________________ |~*BSAA Chris*~ | | | |Slayers Inventory | |------------------ | |M92F (HG) | |Ithaca M37 (SG) | |5 Hand Grenades | |50 HG Ammo | |30 Shotgun Ammo | |First Aid Spray | | | |Survivors Inventory | |------------------- | |M92F (HG) | |Hand Grenades | |Handgun Ammo | |First Aid Spray | | | |_____________________________________________| _____________________________________________ |~*Safari Chris*~ | |Exchange Point Cost: 8,000 Pts | | | |Slayers Inventory | |------------------ | |SIG P226 (HG) | |M3 (SG) | |2 Rocket Launchers | |30 Pistol Ammo | |10 Shotgun Ammo | | | |Survivors Inventory | |------------------- | |SIG P226 (HG) | |Flash Grenades | |Handgun Ammo | |First Aid Spray | | | |_____________________________________________| _____________________________________________ |~*STARS Chris*~ | |Exchange Point Cost: 13,000 | | | |Slayers Inventory | |------------------ | |SIG 556 (MG) | |S&W M29 (MAG) | |Grenade Launcher (Electric) | |150 Machinegun Ammo | |6 Magnum ammo | | | | | |Survivors Inventory | |------------------- | |SIG 556 (MG) | |Incendiary Grenades | |Machinegun Ammo | |First Aid Spray | | | |_____________________________________________| _____________________________________________ |~*BSAA Sheva*~ | | | |Slayers Inventory | |------------------ | |M92F (HG) | |VZ61 (MG) | |Dragunov SVD (Rifle) | |50 Handgun Ammo | |150 Machinegun Ammo | |1 First Aid Spray | | | |Survivors Inventory | |------------------- | |M92F (HG) | |Incendiary Grenades | |Handgun Ammo | |First Aid Spray | | | |_____________________________________________| _____________________________________________ |~*Clubbin' Sheva*~ | |Exchange Point Cost: 6,000 | | | |Slayers Inventory | |------------------ | |AK-74 (MG) | |Jail Breaker (SG) | |S75 (Rifle) | |100 Machinegun Ammo | |20 Shotgun AMmo | | | |Survivors Inventory | |------------------- | |AK-74 (MG) | |Hand Grenades | |Machinegun Ammo | |First Aid Spray | | | |_____________________________________________| _____________________________________________ |~*Tribal Sheva*~ | |Exchange Point Cost: 15,000 | | | |Slayers Inventory | |------------------ | |Longbow | |Grenade Launcher (Ice) | |3 Flash Grenades | |3 Flame Grenades | |First AId Spray | | | |Survivors Inventory | |------------------- | |H&K MP5 (MG) | |Flash Grenades | |Machinegun Ammo | |First Aid Spray | | | |_____________________________________________| _____________________________________________ |~*BSAA Jill*~ | |Exchange Point Cost: 5,000 | | | |Slayers Inventory | |------------------ | |Px4 (HG) | |H&K MP5 (MG) | |5 Flash Grenades | |50 Handgun Ammo | |150 Machinegun Ammo | |1 First Aid Spray | | | |Survivors Inventory | |------------------- | |Px4 (HG) | |Flash Grenades | |Handgun Ammo | |First Aid SPray | | | |_____________________________________________| _____________________________________________ |~*Battlesuit Jill*~ | |Exchange Point Cost: 7,000 | | | |Slayers Inventory | |------------------ | |VZ61 (MG) | |H&K PSG-1 (RIF) | |3 Hand Grenades | |150 Machinegun Ammo | |30 Rifle ammo | |Green+Green herb mix | | | |Survivors Inventory | |------------------- | |VZ61 (MG) | |Incendiary Grenades | |Machinegun Ammo | |First Aid Spray | | | |_____________________________________________| _____________________________________________ |~*Midnight Wesker*~ | |Exchange Point Cost: 30,000 | | | |Slayers Inventory | |------------------ | |H&K P8 (HG) | |S&W M500 (MAG) | |5 Hand Grenades | |5 Proxi Mines | |50 Handgun Ammo | |6 Magnum Ammo | | | |Survivors Inventory | |------------------- | |H&K P8 (HG) | |Hand Grenades | |Handgun Ammo | |Proxi Mines | | | |_____________________________________________| _____________________________________________ |~*STARS Wesker*~ | |Exchange Point Cost: 50,000 | | | |Slayers Inventory | |------------------ | |Samurai Edge (HG) | |L. Hawk (MAG) | |Hydra (SG) | |30 Handgun Ammo | |10 Shotgun Ammo | | | |Survivors Inventory | |------------------- | |Samurai Edge | |Hand Grenades | |Handgun Ammo | |First Aid Spray | | | |_____________________________________________| ********************************************** 6. Slayers Tier List * ********************************************** A tier list is something that is made to basically list the order of characters from best to worst when the game is played at the highest level of play. It is an indicator of how each character is expected to perform, in relation to the rest of the cast. Thus, tiers measure the potential of each character based on all currently known techniques and strategies that have been shown to be useful in tournaments. Tier lists are common in fighting games as well as many other competitive games involving a large selection of characters. This isn't to say that it's impossible for a highly skilled player who is playing as, say, STARS Wesker, will always win, STARS Wesker just has more advantages and more potential then everyone else, and that makes him the god he is. Now that that is out of the way, here we are with the list. ~*God Tier*~ ____________ |STARS Wesker| |____________|_____________________________________ |Easily the best, no question about it, his L. Hawk| |can take out bosses in a flash, his handgun kills | |all normal enemies in 2 or 3 hits, and no player | |can overcome the might of the Hydra shotgun. A | |real force to be reckoned with! | |__________________________________________________| ~*Top Tier*~ ____________ |Tribal Sheva| |____________|_____________________________________ |Tribal Sheva is amazing, her longbow does really | |good damage against both players and enemies. It | |has infinite ammo too! Throw in the nitrogen | |rounds she starts with which are godly for taking | |players out, and her grenades and you have a | |character truly great. | |__________________________________________________| ____________ |Safari Chris| |____________|_____________________________________ |Two words: Rocket Launchers, these things will | |pretty much guarentee an instantkill on two boss | |enemies. One thing to stress though is, while it | |may be tempting, NEVER use them on other players. | |Safari's only downside comes late in every match | |when both his rocket launchers have usually been | |used up, he only has his shotgun to rely on at | |this point, and ammo is usually limited for it. | |__________________________________________________| ~*Middle Tier*~ ___________ |STARS Chris| |___________|______________________________________ |There is nothing paticularly wrong with STARS | |Chris. His magnum is strong (though not as strong | |as the magnums both Wesker's have), his SMG is | |good against normal enemies, and the grenade | |launcher is good for stunning other players. | |Everyone above is just better then him really. | |__________________________________________________| _________ |BSAA Jill| |_________|________________________________________ |The only problem with BSAA Jill is the lack of | |real killing power, even though her SMG is very | |good against everything and her handgun does | |wonderfully for keeping combos up, and there are | |the flash grenades for dealing with parasites | |too, she has nothing that is truly strong and | |quick like everyone above. | |__________________________________________________| __________ |BSAA Chris| |__________|_______________________________________ |The Shotgun, all about the shotgun! If you can | |manage to stack up enough ammo for it it will be | |all you need for enemies and players. | |BSAA Chris has a real problem taking care of boss | |creatures however, the Ithaca just isn't | |strong enough. And no boss kills means no | |big points | |__________________________________________________| ~*Low Tier*~ _______________ |Battlesuit Jill| |_______________|__________________________________ |She works similar to BSAA Jill, though she has to | |rely on her sniper rifle for bosses, it is | |decently strong, but that's not the problem, it's | |a sniper rifle. Meaning lining up shots can take | |time, plus rifles just suck for taking on other | |players with. By the time you have the shot | |lined up and your firing the other player could | |have found and murdered you already. | |__________________________________________________| __________ |BSAA Sheva| |__________|_______________________________________ |Pretty much the same as Battlesuit Jill, just | |slightly worse since her SMG has less capacity and| |her rifle is weaker. | |__________________________________________________| _______________ |Midnight Wesker| |_______________|__________________________________ |Midnight's specialty is meleeing, that makes him | |the best for Mercenaries, but the opposite for | |Versus, you shouldn't be trying to melee anything | |in this mode if you really want to win. Take out | |the meleeing and you are left with nothing but | |a character with a weak handgun and a hard to | |hit with magnum, throw in the next to useless | |proxi mines and you have a character you will | |want to avoid. | |__________________________________________________| ~*Clubbin' Tier*~ _____________ |Clubbin' Sheva| |______________|___________________________________ |She is terrible in Mercenaries, she is still | |terrible here, and for the same reason, her | |equipment sucks. The jail breaker has terrible | |spread and won't be doing much damage outside of | |point-blank range, the AK-74 goes through ammo | |too quickly and has bad recoil, and her rifle is | |manual. She also has no healing item and no | |grenades like most characters. Stay far away | |unless you just want a challenge. | |__________________________________________________| ********************************************** 7. Survivor Weapons * ********************************************** In Survivors, every character starts with either a handgun or a machinegun and some type of grenade, to get other weapons you must track down and kill a boss enemy, or just find one spawned on the map. Killing boss enemies is alot easier then it sounds in survivors though, because they all have significantly less health then in mercs/slayers. Here are all the weapons and what you should know about them. ~*Handguns*~ This weapon goes from the weak M93R to STARS Wesker's strong Samurai Edge, there is nothing really wrong with any of them. They are good for sniping another player from afar, but if you get in a stand off with another player who has a machinegun, you will probably be put into dying first, unless said player can't handle the recoil. ~*Machineguns*~ Good weapons for the most part, but all of them aside from Battlesuit Jill's VZ61 have some recoil that can mess up your aim, Clubbin' Sheva's AK-74 being the biggest victim of this. If you can't handle it well, you won't last long. ~*M3 Shotgun*~ A great weapon to have, fire at a player from point blank range and it will take out OVER HALF of their health, most of the time. It's only real downside is the pause between shots, but it isn't very long. ~*S&W M500 Magnum*~ This weapon is decent, it does good damage but has terrible recoil after each shot, and another player could easily take advantage of this. If you use it, try to sneak up on a player with it, and don't miss! ~*H&K PSG-1 Rifle*~ It's a sniper rifle, so of course, you should snipe with it. A great weapon to use if you want to take down someone with minimal risk to yourself. ~*Grenade Launcher*~ Very handy, but only appears in a few select stages, there are several different ammo types you can use -Explosive: Pretty good for damage dealing, and it sends the player flying back after they are hit. It is suggested to wait until they get back up and out of animation before hitting them a second time. -Electric: Great for dealing with players, it sends them into a semi-long animation that you can easily take advantage of. -Flame: Just as good as an incendiary grenade, use one on a player then switch to another weapon and unload on them. -Acid: Probably the worst of the grenade launcher ammo, it deals okay damage but doesn't really stun for more then a second, and the acid might splash onto you damaging yourself. -Nitrogen: The best ammo in my opinion, if you freeze someone then melee them then proceed to blast them to bits with a SMG or shotgun they will be dead in an instant. ~*Rocket Launchers*~ These are usually found scattered all over the map, but you can find them from bosses sometimes. There really isn't much to say about the use of this weapon. Shoot someone with it then melee them afterwards. ~*Hand Grenade*~ These would be good if player characters didn't block the blast, making it so they have to be literally on top of the grenade for it to actually do damage. But because of that, they are pretty useless, because unless someone is stuck in an animation they won't give you the chance to hit them with one. ~*Flash Grenade*~ Not that good in Survivors, again, they don't do damage and only stun players for a very short amount of time, they do give you a few hundred points for hitting someone though so they can be useful if you just need a quick point boost. Another good use for them is for defeating the Duvalia if it shows up, but you probably don't want to kill that so it can stick around to annoy the other players. ~*Incendiary Grenades*~ These things are great, they explode on contact and the flames not only cause a good amount of damage but they also make your victim start an animation where they flail about. There NO invincibility frames here, so torch your enemy and you'll have plenty of time to fire on them with your best weapon. Characters like STARS Chris and Battlesuit Jill are especially deadly because they have machine guns and incendiaries; just throw one at your enemy and lay waste with your machine gun and you'll have your enemy in dying just like that. ~*Rotten Egg*~ It's technically a weapon since it can deal damage! If you are lucky enough to find one of these, bring it out and hit someone in the face with it. In Survivors it will give you quite a good point boost, as well as deal lots of damage to the other player. Who knew a bad egg would be so deadly? ********************************************** 8. Stage Tips * ********************************************** There are eight stages in versus, all ripped straight from mercenaries mode, and each one brings something different to the game. 1. Public Assembly (Slayers) This is pretty basic, really whoever kills the most things will win. Make sure you get to and use the four combo bonuses in the stage before anyone else gets to them. 2. Public Assembly (Survivors) Take out any Executioners you find so you can get the strong weapons they hoard. Also, try to be the find the box full of first aid sprays. It's USUALLY on the second floor of the house at the south end. 3. The Mines (Slayers) Not much to say about this one, killing the 3 Reapers will help you win easier, and make sure to get both chickens in the stage for a small point boost as well. 4. The Mines (Survivors) One good thing you can do here is camp at the top of one of the tall ladders in the main room, if someone tries to chase you up there you can shoot them while they are on the ladder and they will be dead by the time they reach the top! 5. The Village (Slayers) Kill those Giant Men Majini! And keep a close eye to see if any of the other players end up standing on one of the trap spots for too long, this will give you a chance to smash the button and instant kill them. 6. The Village (Survivors) Use the traps well, and get the green herb stash, it usually spawns in the combo box on the second floor of the side house with the time bonus below. 7. Ancient Ruins (Slayers) Same as Village, any flash grenades you can get will help in case you run into those pesky Duvalias. 8. Ancient Ruins (Survivors) This area is really big and there's lots of spots to hide and ambush your opponents at, also Wesker's super dash move can be handy at some spots if you want to make a quick getaway down a hall. 9. Experimental Facility (Slayers) For some reason, the lickers from mercenaries are replaced by gatling gunners. Make sure you are the one who kills them, they seem to usually spawn in the middle part of the level with the stairs that form an L shape, also the spike trap in the lower portion can really be handy if another player won't leave you alone. 10. Experimental Facility (Survivors) Lickers are the only enemy you will encounter here. Use the spike trap and explosive barrels to your advantage, if you need a hiding spot to keep yourself from losing any health or points when you are in the lead then keep going up and down on the elevator! 11. Missle Area (Slayers) Use the insane amount of explosive barrels to your advantage! And make sure you are the one to kill the gatling gunners, they are worth big points! 12. Missle Area (Survivors) A good tip here is, if you are low on health with no way of healing, run into one of the fire pits at the end of the conveyor belts! This will recover your health, teleport you to a possibly better location, and you won't lose any good weapons you happen to have on you like you normally would. Might confuse your enemies too. 13. Ship Deck (Slayers) This is the only level with weapons you can find. There are three Rocket Launchers and one Grenade Launcher, make sure you are the the one to get to the Grenade Launcher, it is up the ladder that is close to the door leading to the crane, the rocket launchers are located two down the zip line on top of the crane, and the other on top of the lookout post right next to where you get onto the zip line. You can only hold one Rocket Launcher at a time though, so if you aren't able to use one, discard it and pick up the next! Also, kill as many chainsaw majini as you can. 14. Ship Deck (Survivors) The area is really spread out though and there are plenty of good sniper points, most of the time there will be a whopping FOUR rocket launchers down the zip line from the crane, make sure you get to them first and either use them all immediatly or discard them so no one can use them against you. 15. Prison (Slayers) My personal least favorite versus stage, the only real tip here is to MAKE SURE you kill the red executioner. He is worth more points then anything else out of any level, and also has the most health. You may find yourself in a race with another player trying to see who's bullet will finish off the poor guy. There should be two red executioners unless the match lasts unusually long, if so then a third one may show up. The first red executioner will spawn in the hall BELOW the prison's main room, though he's also right next to a potential spawn point so it may take some luck to get to him first. 16. Prison (Survivors) All the doors and the complex layout can make it hard to find other players here, just relax and use your map. If you can find a grenade launcher, stock up on ammo from a combo box and go crazy, if you are in the lead and time is almost out, I suggest heading to one of the cells in the basement and hiding in there! ********************************************** 9. Achievements/Trophies * ********************************************** Versus Mode comes with it's own set of Achievements/Trophies to acquire by doing a couple certain things. There are 10 of them, totalling 200 gamer points. _____________________________________________ |-Army of One- | |How to get: Win 30 matches in Slayers | |____________________________________________| |-Eye of the Tiger- | |How to get: Win 30 matches in Survivors | |____________________________________________| |-The Team That Slays Together...- | |How to get: Win 30 matches in Team Slayers | |____________________________________________| |-We Will Survive- | |How to get: Win 30 matches in Team Survivors| |____________________________________________|_______________ |All four of these are really simple, but can take a | |really long time to acquire. Just keep playing the mode and | |you will hopefully get them eventually. It doesn't matter | |how many players are in each match or if it's a ranked or a | |player match, as long as you win it will count towards the | |achievement. | |____________________________________________________________| ________________________________________________________ |-Let's Get This Party Started!- | |How to get: Unlock all selectable characters in Versus | |_______________________________________________________|__ |Not much to this, just save up exchange points and | |buy all the characters in bonus features. A good way to | |get points is by getting S ranks in the main story or | |doing Mercenaries mode. | |__________________________________________________________| ___________________________________________________________ |-It's All About the Points- | |How to get: Score at least 40,000 points in Survivors | |__________________________________________________________| |-There's no "I" in Team- | |How to get: Score at least 80,000 points in Team Survivors| |__________________________________________________________|__ |Both of these achievements just require practice, unless you | |just boost them with friends that is. If you want to get it | |legitly then all I can really say is get in a game and get | |lots of melee kills on the other team without dying yourself.| |_____________________________________________________________| __________________________________________________ |-Keep the Good Times Rolling- | |How to get: Chain a 20-defeated combo in Slayers | |-It Takes Two to Tango- | |Chain a 40-defeated combo in Team Slayers | |_________________________________________________|___________ |Two of the hardest achievements to get legitly I think, | |STARS Wesker and Tribal Sheva are the two best characters | |to go for it with, as for Stage I would suggest Public | |Assembly. Just know it's near impossible to get that high | |a combo withoutkilling other players a few times. Good luck! | |_____________________________________________________________| ______________________________________________________ |-Bringing the Pain- | |How to get: Defeat 100 players using physical attacks| |in Versus | |_____________________________________________________|_______ |You should get this eventually no matter what you do, but if | |you want to get it quickly then just play alot of Survivor | |games and finish people off with melee attacks, you should | |be doing that anyway. | |_____________________________________________________________| ********************************************** 10. Contact Info and Credits * ********************************************** If you have to contact me about something regarding this guide then email me at zidane_tribal40@hotmail.com and please put "Versus Mode FAQ" as your subject line so I don't delete it thinking it's spam. Do not email me to ask to play something or try to get my gamertag, look for me on the RE5 board if you want that, I go there often. Contributers cmhamlin (Strategies) afflack123 (Giving a section idea) EnricoMarini101 (Strategy) xaquafinax (Reminding me to explain about leaderboards) Zementh (Playing versus with me to get number values) IkariWarriorKH (Helping me with the tier list) Sites allowed to use this guide GameFAQs.com Gamespot.com Neoseeker.com gamesradar.com cheatplanet.com cheats.de no other sites may use this FAQ without my permission, and no one should ever distribute it to make a profit. This guide is property of Alex Clinton Resident Evil 5 is property of CAPCOM.</p>