Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Soldiers' Diaries locations guide

Overlook Tower

When you first enter the winter area during the Pieces of a Mirror Chapter; there is a tower to the right that has a body on it. Use Demonic Wings once you have them to fly over and get it.

Just after you enter the tower and Trevor asks you to find the pieces of the mirror, go to the small alcove on the side of the room to find this body there.

Just after the previous body, run outside and up the hill to the right. The body will be lying on the left side.

When you enter the red leaved garden, run down the hill from the entrance and on the right hand side will be a small pool. Look behind the tree in the centre to find this body.

After you defeat Agreus in the garden, return to the stealth area and there will be a body on the upper right side after turning the corner. Use the Demonic Wings to swoop up to it.

As soon as you enter the Toy Maker’s palace, hop down to fight the brotherhood and the body will be against the wall.

When you reach the theatre with the chairs on the main floor, go to the stage and then hop up the right side and the body will be on the balcony there.

After your battle with the second acolyte, enter the window and drop down to the floor of the large room. To the left side will be the body on the ground.

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