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Cartoon murder mystery Jenny LeClue comes to PS4 in 2016

Imagine you're Jenny LeClue - a fictional kid genius detective who stars in a book series that would be nestled cozily among Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown. You've got a line of novels that kids love, but now your author is bringing in outsiders to help pen your next adventure: the case of your mother framed for murder.

Such is the concept of Jenny LeClue - Detectivú, a mystery game that positions you both as Jenny herself and co-author of her latest book. Together with series writer Arthur K Finklestein (jam enthusiast and member of the Wildlife Dental Society), you'll help piece together the truth behind what's happening in the sleepy mountain town of Arthurton and choose what happens in the coming chapters. Do you turn your mother in or run from the police?

It's a choose-her-own adventure that's just adorable enough to make you forget about all that nasty "murder" business, and it's coming to PS4 next year.

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