Carbon confirmed as next-gen NFS

Friday 12 May 2006
The next-gen version of NFS has finally been sighted at E3 and it is called Need for Speed: Carbon. Shown in a tiny four-second-long trailer as part of the Sony presentation, the clip revealed very little more than the name, the logo and that the game would have cars in it.

Picture the scene, a darkened screen appears and an EA logo whooshes into view. As it fades a car - only dimly visible in the next-gen gloom - flicks on its headlights revealing many dust particles in its beams. It revs, then speeds towards the camera as the text appears on the screen "Need for Speed: Carbon". And that is it - four seconds from start to finish.

Appearing as part of the Sony show has lead some to speculate that this might be a PS3-only release but we certainly wouldn't want to place any money on it sticking to just one machine... but then we wouldn't bet against it appearing on your mobile, microwave and George Foreman grill either. And probably before Christmas too.

We'll try to muster some facts, formats and perhaps a release date on this game just as soon as we can.