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"Can you just end the series already?" – The internet reacts to The Walking Dead season 8, episode 11

This was one of those The Walking Dead season 8 episodes. The kind that, unless you’re really invested in a handful of characters, chances are you’re not going to care all that much. This week’s episode 11 saw Gabriel battle against blindness, Negan concoct a new plan which sorta contradicts the entire series, and yet more people reacting to Carl’s death. Talking of reactions – here’s what the fine folk of the internet thought about it.

The eyes have it

Poor Gabriel. He’s had a rough run. If it’s not cowardly condemning others to death through inaction, it’s suffering from an unspecified illness and turning blind in the process. Heck, even his faith to God was tested this week. Real talk though, I actually liked all of the Gabriel scenes. It felt like old-school The Walking Dead in the best possible way.

The Good Doctor

What is it with The Walking Dead and killing off doctors? I’ve barely had time to learn this guy’s name and off he shuffles from this mortal coil. RIP Dr *Googles* Carson 2016-2018. We hardly knew ye.

A wordless goodbye

Yet more Carl-themed goodbyes this week. The writers chose to forgo sparing us the exposition dump of Daryl sharing the news with Carol, Maggie and company. Instead, it was Enid’s breakdown that told the whole story, and a fantastic job it was by actress Katelyn Nacon, too.

Negan's new plan

Uhh… okay. Right. Let’s get this straight: Negan’s new ingenious plan is to coat everything with walker blood and guts so anyone getting hit with Lucille or shot with walker-covered bullets gets infected? Despite the fact that we’ve known from the very first episode that doesn’t work *and* Negan has done it himself with no ill effects. You do you, Walking Dead.

The (mid) season so far...

Me? I’m not too upset with how the season has gone so far. The knee-jerk reaction of the internet, though, seems to be they can’t wait for it all to be over. It’s been shambling along for some time now – will the series take a bullet to the brain before long?

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