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This Black Ops 3 movement tutorial makes Advanced Warfare look slow

All the cybernetic boosting, sliding, and dashing antics of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 might seem a little passe, since Advanced Warfare did the whole thing with high-tech exoskeletons last year. But if you watch the combat movement tutorial below, it turns out there's actually a pretty big difference.

Advanced Warfare added a bunch of moves to help you get around the map faster, or even reach otherwise inaccessible areas, but their impact on moment-to-moment engagement was limited by depleting charges and restricting when you could aim and fire. Instead, the acrobatic maneuvers of Black Ops 3 are meant to easily chain together so you can keep your momentum, all while aiming down the sights and blasting fools across the map - no Gung Ho perk required.

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