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Braff's latest flick stalls

It’s always a fair assumption that whenever a director can’t hire the cast they want for a movie, they punch a number into their cell, and get the casting agent to send someone else along – job done.

So it’s nice to hear that Zach Braff was so set on his dream cast for new movie Open Hearts, that when he failed to pull all the pieces together, he shoved the script in a drawer and stalled the project.

“I was going to do it this summer,” the Scrubs star told, “but since I couldn't get my top people I'm waiting until next summer.”

Open Hearts is set to take Braff’s career in yet another direction, the gag-slinging TV star having already garnered plaudits for his first turn as writer/director/star in 2004's cult hit Garden State. The offbeat tale about a troubled young actor who falls for a slightly wacky small-town girl (Natalie Portman) catapulted Braff into the hip-helmer niche.

“Open Hearts will be completely different. It’s a Danish movie that I adapted. It's a really dark drama about a car accident and the way the accident affects all the people involved in it.”