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BLOG Top Comics of 2010

SFX Blogger Stacey Whittle chooses her favourite comics and graphic novels of last year

There was a webcomic produced last year which I found amazing. It’s called His Face All Red and is created by Emily Carroll. It is a very short story and will take you at most ten minutes to read and you won’t forget or regret it. A fairy story, I suppose, but of the gruesome and gorgeous kind. The interesting thing about this beautifully-written story is that it is the only webcomic I have ever read that has really used the format, pushing the boundaries of storytelling on the internet. The scroll button is essential! It is clever and creepy and the artwork is gorgeous. I think that this little story will be massively influential in the future, changing the face of online storytelling and I am looking forward to seeing what else this talented lady has in store for us all in the future. Definitely one to watch.

Small Press Comics
I love detective televisions series and books and indeed comics and this year I found and fell head over heels in love with DCI Harker and his sidekick DS Critchley. The Harker series is the brainchild of writer Roger Gibson and artist Vince Danks of Ariel Press.

Harker is like all the best English crime series, eg, Morse and Frost and Poirot mixed with the classic US Colombo -type shows. The pair have produced 12 issues of Harker which they have collected into two trade paperbacks; The Book Of Soloman and The Woman In Black both available from their website . The first book is action packed with a wonderfully dark and occult flavour, the second book I found more humorous, slyly and affectionately poking fun at its own genre, after Harker himself witnesses the death of famous mystery writer Agatha Fletcher. The artwork is great, the main character, Harker, is very grumpily loveable and the stories are pacy and engaging. I love this series, a gem of independent comic and an absolute highlight for me this year.

I think that's it for my comic picks. I hope some of them appeal to you and if you’re wondering what my TV pick would be – Doctor Who baby! I’d love to hear your picks of the year. Leave a comment and let me know.