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BLASTERMIND SFX Reviews Special - now with answers

Guess the film from SFX ’s pun-tastic sub-headings in the Friday quiz

So to celebrate humanity’s continued survival (don’t forget, the world ends in 2012) we’ve picked 25 of the best sub-headings from the year so far in SFX ’s Film and DVD review sections (between issues 205 and 211) – your job is to identify the film or TV show that goes with them. To make things extra challenging for those that know SFX back to front, we’ve snuk in a strap from our next issue, SFX 212, on sale 27 July. Bonus points and +5 bragging rights for anyone who can correctly identify it.

As always Blastermind has no prizes to give away. This challenge is purely for the sheer thrill of it all, so no cheating! Please don’t post answers in the comments section below but feel free to mull things over with like-minded quizzers in this thread - though please note, they use white-out text for posting answers so please follow that rule.

Answers can now be highlighted after each sub-heading by clicking and dragging your mouse.


1. Go On, Give Us A Clu

2. Cowboys And Aliens

3. Let’s Talk About Seth, Baby

4. Jake’s On A Train

5. Holy Unsatisfying - Priest

6. The Episodes Go In Two By Two

7. My, What Big Sighs You Have

8. Dead Man Floating

9. An In-Tents Experience

10. Grabbed By The Ghoulies

11. What The Dickens?

12. Kneel Before Rod

13. The Grey Liberation Movement

14. The Mane Event

15. Could Do With A Polish

16. Just Say Yes

17. Come Dino With Me

18. Organ Grinding

29. Furry Tale Of New York

20. Cylon-ced Forever

21. The Squids Are Alright

22. No Happy Ever Arthur

23. All Cretins Great And Small

24. Young, Dumb And Full Of Fun

25. Luc Who’s Back!


Good luck!

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.