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Beyond: Two Souls bonus locations guide - where to find all of the hidden collectibles

Jodie Holmes in Beyond: Two Souls.

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First Night

Bonus: The Origins of Beyond: Two Souls
11: Go through the mirror and look in the right hand corner beside the desk.

Like Other Girls

Bonus: Design Pack #8
12: When you first enter the bar, look inside the men’s room.

Bonus: Visual Arts in Beyond: Two Souls
13: When you go out in the desert with Jay to check on the churros, look behind the fence across from where Jay is sitting, next to a tree.

Bonus: Design Pack #9
14: When at the graveyard with the family, go to the rear of it and you will find this near the wall.

The Dinner

Bonus: Performance Capture in Beyond: Two Souls
15: After you have cleaned up and Ryan has arrived, look in the bathroom corner.

Night Session

Bonus: Design Pack #10
16: At the start of the chapter, go through the door behind Nathan and Cole and the soul will be in the right side corner of the room.

The Mission

Bonus: The Gameplay in Beyond: Two Souls
17: Once you make your way through the first building and come outside, look for this soul on the roof of the building across and to the left of you.

Bonus: Design Pack #11
18: Towards the end of the mission, when you reach the meeting with Gemaal and the other soldiers in the large room, look upstairs to find this near the front of the building.


Bonus: Design Pack #12
19: When you are walking around the hall, look inside room 38 in the hospital to find this bonus beside a patient sitting on the floor.

Dragon's Hideout

Bonus: Design Pack #13
20: You can find this inside the house just past the building that you take shelter in during the snow storm.

Black Sun

Bonus: The Dark Sorcerer Trailer
Bonus: Design Pack #14

21/22: These two bonuses are rewarded when you complete the game, and can't be missed.

Congratulations - you've found all of the bonuses in Beyond: Two Souls and unlocked the Explorer Trophy.