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Best Super Mario merchandise that'll give you a 1-Up over your mates

Super Mario Uno the Card Game

Love playing Uno with your family but think it's got a bit samey? Spice up your Uno life by getting this Super Mario version, which comes with special themed cards and a Super Mario rule that should make things a little more interesting on a Sunday afternoon at your Gran's.

Buy it now US: $9.15 from Amazon
Buy it now UK: £15.99 from Amazon

Super Mario 8-bit amiibo

Of all the Super Mario amiibo this has to be the best. Released in 2016 to celebrate a whopping 30 years of Mario's existence, his little 8-bit blocky self has been immortalised in amiibo form in traditional old-school colours nonetheless. Not only is it utterly adorable, but he'll also unlock a load of additional swag if you tap him into your compatible Nintendo Switch, 3DS and Wii U games. 

Buy it now US: $17.95 on Amazon
Buy it now UK: £10.99 from the Nintendo Store

Super Mario Bros. journal

The simplicity of this Super Mario Bros. journal is what makes it so appealing. The 8-bit star on the front, the red edging on the pages and the discrete little 8-bit star and Mario on each page make this the perfect gift for the sophisticated Super Mario fan. 

Buy it now US: $6.32 from AbeBooks
Buy it now UK: £9.99 from the Nintendo Store

8-Bit Mario soft toy

If that 8-bit Mario amiibo wasn't quite blocky enough for you, this soft toy version is even blockier - but is still available for cuddles. Just watch those corners.

Buy it now UK/US: £10.99/$14.55 on Nintendo Store

Boo Ghost mug

This Boo mug is the perfect guardian for your tea or coffee in the morning and the best shape for warming your hands when it's chilly. Let's just hope it doesn't attack you the moment your back is turned. 

Buy it now US/UK: $14.99/£11.32 from ThinkGeek

Mario 'M' tee

Get into the true Mario spirit from head to toe by grabbing your own Mario t-shirt. Adorned with his trademark M, this bright red tee will make you want to reach for your dungarees so you can go full Italian plumber. 

Buy it now US: $15.96 from Amazon
Buy it now UK: £14.99 from the Nintendo Store

Aqua Beads Super Mario set

Creative Super Mario fans ahoy. This Aqua Bead kit lets you make you own bobbly versions of Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi and Toad. It comes with everything you need from the beads and board, to template sheets and sprayer to set your designs. 

Buy it now US: $28.65 from Amazon
Buy it now UK: £19.78 from Amazon

Bowser Kanji Wallet

Make your dosh feel like it's trapped in Bowser's castle along with Peach's hopes and dreams with this awesome Kanji wallet. It's all green, embroidered and lovely and won't make you look like too much of a gamer.

Buy it now US: $20.93 from Amazon
Buy it now UK: £12.46 from GAME

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