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Ben Reilly gets his own '90s Spider-Man flashback title

Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #1
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Starting in January, Ben Reilly, the Spider-clone, is getting his own Ben Reilly: Spider-Man title. No, we're not talking about Ben taking over as the main Spider-Man in the upcoming 'Spider-Man Beyond' era of Amazing Spider-Man, but a whole different, second title which flashes back to Ben's original time in the mantle of the Wall-Crawler, as clarified by Marvel.

Set during the era of the 'Clone Saga,' Ben Reilly: Spider-Man is written by one of the famed '90s story's original writers, JM DeMatteis, with art from David Baldeón. The title will tell stories set when Ben first took over as Spider-Man for Peter Parker, during the 'Clone Saga' itself, leaving Ben's contemporary adventures to be told in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, which will publish three times a month.

"What I've always found fascinating about Ben Reilly is that he's Peter Parker—and yet he's not. Life has taken Ben on a strange, twisted path and altered him, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse; but, like Peter, he's a man who's constantly striving to do the right thing, even if he doesn't always succeed," DeMatteis states in Marvel's announcement. 

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"Ben is wonderfully, painfully human, immensely relatable—and our new Ben Reilly: Spider-Man series allows me to dive even deeper into Ben's psyche, to explore him in new and, I hope, interesting ways," he continues. "It's been a true joy returning to the Spiderverse and reuniting with my old friend, Ben."

As for what Ben Reilly will face in these flashback tales, Marvel's announcement promises the return of some classic foes with a story that leads Ben directly to Ravencroft Asylum, sort of like Marvel's equivalent of Batman's Arkham Asylum.

Ben Reilly: Spider-Man launches in January. 

JM DeMatteis is the writer of 'Kraven's Last Hunt,' one of the best Spider-Man stories ever.

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