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Being Human Series Three Preview Ready For A Zombie?

There’s a major Being Human feature in the next issue of SFX and here are some choice snippets from it

Here’s an extract from the Being Human feature in SFX #204 (on sale Wednesday 15 December) to whet your appeitite. Loads more revelations – and behind-the-scenes pics – in the mag itself!

Series two concluded with a whole host of major developments. For one thing, our favourite grey-cardiganed ghost finally passed over to the other side. So where does series three start?

“We pick up with the guys making a decision to get this chick – ” says Aidan Turner (Mitchell), nodding at Lenora Crichlow (Annie) as he leans perilously far back on his chair, like a naughty schoolboy, “ – the important one, the superstar – back from Hell.”

“She can speak through the telly,” Crichlow adds, “so I utilise that little trick as much as possible to let them know where I am.”

Mitchell’s aided in this quest by Leah, played by Lacey Turner ( EastEnders’ Stacey Slater), a character he meets on the other side. As you might have guessed, he’s successful. Once Annie is back, one of her key episodes features an exciting new addition to the show’s roster of supernatural beings: a zombie!

“It kind of puts Annie in place,” Crichlow explains. “This zombie exposes Annie to all the things she’ll never have again. Often the things that happen in Annie’s adventures really make her realise how in limbo she is, and just how unsettling that can be when you’re looking at that for eternity.”

Looking to George’s future, there’s a major development for him and Nina. This causes them to reach out to other members of the werewolf community: in particular, a father/son duo who appear dotted across four episodes of the series, played by Michael Socha (brother of Lauren Socha, chav queen of Misfits), and Robson Green, who’s a huge fan of the series.

“He petitioned, himself, to get involved,” Tovey points out. “It’ll be interesting to see, because he enjoys the transformation – he looks forward to it and embraces it.”

Things are, understandably, a little more complex when it comes to Mitchell’s troubled psyche in the aftermath of the Box Tunnel massacre, where he slaughtered a train carriage full of humans.

“Yeah, he’s got a lot of crap to deal with, hasn’t he?” laughs Turner. “He’s in a funny place. Even after Annie comes back, and even with some of the scenes that I suppose would be deemed as comedic, he’s still unsettled, y’know?”

“Yeah, but I feel like we’re pulling you back more this year,” muses Crichlow. “It feels like all of us are really pulling together in this series. The human side is really calling us and we’re really going for it full throttle.”