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Battlefield Hardline free on EA Access starting next month

Update: Battlefield Hardline is available free on EA Access now, but it looks like it doesn't include any of the DLC.

Original story: You won't have to pull off a heist to get Battlefield Hardline free on Xbox One. EA is adding the cops-and-robbers themed online shooter to the EA Access Vault in October, meaning all subscribers will get unlimited access the game for free.

The Vault already includes games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, Titanfall, and Battlefield 4, not to mention a bunch of sports titles. It's not yet clear whether all of Battlefield Hardline's DLC will also be included in the Vault, as was the case for Titanfall. Either way, if you have a thirst for massive shooter action on Xbox One (and don't want to wait for Star Wars Battlefront), an EA Access subscription is worth considering.

The subscription service costs $4.99 a month, or half that if you sign up for a year at $29.99. On top of a growing library of free games, it also lets you play certain games several days early - including Star Wars Battlefront.

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