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Back in Black

With their update of 1982 sci-fi lightfest TRON still in post-production, we've just heard that director Joseph Kasinski and producer Sean Bailey haven't quite finished reimagining our childhoods yet.

Next on their event horizon is a remake of Disney's famed failure The Black Hole , which was released in 1979 to disappointing box-office and an array of scientists who foamed at the mouth at its gravitational impossibilities.

Focusing on a spaceship lingering at the edges of a black hole - rather than being sucked into it as the laws of the universe would demand - the film was a kiddiefied misfire full of robots, hammy acting and ropey (yet ambitious) effects.

This time round, however, advance word whispers that there'll be more attention paid to the realities of science.

We also suspect the robots will be a little more convincing than the vacuum-cleaner-esque VINCENT, voiced by Roddy McDowall.

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It's not clear yet whether Kasinski and Bailey are just developing The Black Hole for someone else to take over once they're done with Tron Legacy , or if they intend to tackle it themselves, but either way it can't be as bad as the original...

Were you a fan of The Black Hole (hey, someone must have liked it)? Think this sounds like a load of old space guff? Let us know...