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Autographed copy of Final Fantasy Tactics being auctioned to support Japan disaster relief

The copy in question is autographed by Hideo Minaba, art director, and Akihiko Yoshida, character designer. Yoshida also drew a quick sketch of Ramza, the title's lead character, next to his name.

Vestal has posted the rare game on Ebay as part of an awesome initiative on the site called 'Play For Japan.' It encourages gamers and industry insiders alike to put up items on the auction site, and donate the proceeds to charities focused on the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami.

"The rarity of this item would be hard to overstate - Yoshida and Minaba rarely appear at trade events or sign autographs. This item would truly be the crown jewel of any Final Fantasy Tactics fan's collection," wrote Vestal in his Ebay description.

Specifically, the proceeds will go to Global Giving, a philanthropic group focused on providing emergency services to people all over the world afflicted by disaster.

It is labeled an official "eBay Giving" auction, which means bidders can be assured that the winnings will go to the charity listed - the seller never receives any funds.

A recent auction of a DS signed by Nintendo all-stars - also advertised as a charity listing for Japan - sold for over $4,000. As of Tuesday night, the Tactics auction had reached about $400.

[Source: Play For Japan]

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Mar 22, 2011