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Here's where to find all 29 papyri scrolls in Assassin's Creed Origins (now includes Hidden Ones DLC)

papyri scrolls in Assassin's Creed Origins
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Knowing where to find Assassin’s Creed Origins papyri scrolls in the game and The Hidden Ones DLC is a fast track to good loot. These scrolls are one of the best ways to get some of the very best weaponry in game, from new bows, shields that make your foes sleep when you block, nasty curved blades and fast moving dual knives and plenty more. There are 25 Assassin’s Creed Origins papyri scrolls hidden across Ancient Egypt as part of the main Assassin's Creed Origins game, and another 4 lurking across the 3 new mini-regions in The Hidden Ones DLC, and we've got them all covered here.  

Whether you're looking for the Assassin's Creed Origins Stone Fungus scroll (number 14 on our list) or the Forsaken City loot (number 20), here’s where you'll find each scroll and the riddle location for that precious loot. Here's a the location for each scroll and where you'll find the treasure. You can see a full breakdown of finding each scroll and the best ways to find the loot in the video above. 

Assassin's Creed Origins scroll locations 

1. A Long Drink - House of Life, Siwa

This is a nice easy riddle that starts ‘In Siwa, come find me at the bottom of a bowl.’ If you aren’t already in Siwa, fast travel into the middle of the village, take a look at the map and tag the helpful circle directly to the east of where you spawn in. Run over and you’ll find a perfectly circular pool where your loot lurks at the bottom. 

2. Fertile Lands - Hypostyle Hall, Lake Mareotis

For the loot, fast travel to The Temple of Sekhmet and ride northwest from the temple and into the desert to find this ‘great place to go for a date’. You’ll find a ruined village and a perfect rectangle of four low walls with grass growing inside. Just jump in and it's in the grass. 

3. Divided Valley - Great Library, Alexandria 

The riddle that starts ‘in the centre of Sap-Meh Nome’ isn’t too tricky to find but you’ll need to fast travel to the synch point just north of the Anthylla Outpost to get to, funnily enough, the centre of Sap-Meh Nome. Tag the outpost to get your bearings and then ride south. You’ll find the canyon the riddle is talking about just before you get to the outpost. Find the rock bridge and you’ll see a number of green trees on one side and only one on the other. Drop down to claim your treasure from the base of the lone tree. Just watch out for crocodiles.  

4. The Stone Gaze - Sarapeion Temple, Alexandria

You’ll want to fast travel to Lake Mareotis to find the riddle’s ‘island of ruins.’ There’s actually a synch point on the island in the middle so, if you're lucky enough to have already clambered up, fast travel there, dive off and then get straight back onto dry land. Head in the direction of the enormous pillars and you’ll find the loot neatly tucked away behind the one on the right, hiding from the gaze of the statue.

5. Nature's Way - Great Synagogue, Alexandria

To find your precious loot for the Nature’s Way scroll that starts ‘in the east section of the Kanopos Nome’ you want to fast travel to the synch point to the east of Appollodorus Estate. Once there you’re going to want to head north on your horse, go across the fields and cross the river. You’ll find yourself in a field of felled palm trees. Head for the one next to the fence that’s still standing and you’ll claim your bounty at the base of the tree.  

6. Sobek's Rage - Temple of Sobek, Faiyum Oasis

To solve the riddle that starts ‘East of Krokodilopolis’ you need to fast travel to the Tomb of Amenemhat III in Haueris Nome. Head straight forward down the pyramid - yes you can slide some of the way - and run into the temple ahead. Head around the side of the statue in the middle, and head straight to the back of this statue’s head jutting over the top under the zipline outside the Temple. You'll find the loot immediately behind the statue's noggin.  

7. In Plain Sight - Palace of Apries, Memphis 

For your loot, you’re going to have to travel to the Faiyum Oasis to spot the cause of the multicoloured river. Fast travel to Krokodilopolis and then tag up the in the south east section. You can ride to a certain point and then you’ll need a boat to go the rest of the way. Steal one or swim to the island and you’ll find some multicoloured dye pools. Leap into the grey one, get your feet wet, and the loot is inside. 

8. Burning Bush - Wabet, Memphis

To find the riddle location, you’re going to have to fast travel to Per Ousir and label up the dusty area across the water to the east. Ride to the coast and switch our your horse or camel for a boat and sail across the Nile. Make a beeline for the lone tree to the right of the mountains. Once you’ve avoided all incoming ships and boats, jump ashore and run to the bush to the left of the tree that’ll promptly go on fire when you claim the loot. 

9. Twin Despair - Temple of Khonsou, Herakleion Nome

For the solution to your riddle and precious loot you’re at least in the right area. Fast travel to as close to the Yw Huts in Herakleion Nome as possible and head into the flooded north east of the map. Once you reach the Yw Huts, send up Senu to scope out the area and you’ll spot two huts on the east side, one with a roof and one without. Tag them up and head over. You’ll find the loot to the left of the closest tree in the water behind them.

10. The Leaning Tower - Karanis Temple, Faiyum 

The Leaning Tower riddle is pretty easy.  Fast travel to Dionysias and head north west on your horse. Follow the road along the shore until you spot an exceptionally wonky tower on your right hand side. Head around the back, past the stairs and you’ll find the loot hidden in a bush. 

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