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Assassin's Creed 3 Homestead missions guide - how to completely upgrade your Davenport Homestead

Sequence 8

Raw Materials
Reward: Gold and Silver Ore
Location: Homestead

Now that Norris is ready to craft a present for Myriam, you’ll need to follow him to a mine in the Frontier so he can get materials. Once you arrive there, you will need to defend Norris from the approaching British as he scrapes together the materials he needs. Protect him from the three waves that approach and then the mission will end.

Reward: Blacksmith
Location: Frontier

For the next Homestead mission that appears, head to the marker in the Frontier and you’ll find a man captured by several British soldiers. Take out the few soldiers there and you will be introduced to Big Dave, a blacksmith that is a deserter from the British army. The mission will then end and Big Dave will head to the Homestead to set up a blacksmith shop for you.

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