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Apex Legends dropping onto mobile devices later this year

(Image credit: EA/Respawn)

Apex Legends will be on mobile by the end of 2020, according to the content of an investment call with EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

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"We've talked about having Apex Legends in soft launch by the end of this year," Wilson says while discussing the broad range of access that mobile provides. EA has previously discussed plans to bring Apex Legends to mobile devices, but so far there hasn't been a whisper about a release date. Now, we can expect it before 2020 closes.

As we previously reported, EA announced plans to bring Apex Legends to Nintendo Switch and Steam later this year along with crossplay support for Xbox One, PC, PS4, and Switch. Whether the mobile game will be included in crossplay as well, is unclear. If it is, it likely won't be right away, as a soft launch usually denotes a preview release that will require tweaks and adjustments down the line. Perhaps EA will go down the same path as Fortnite, which pooled Switch and mobile players together on the same server after Switch players pointed out the clear disadvantage to playing against console and PC players. 

Either way, as a dedicated Apex player, I'm curious to see how the game will translate to mobile devices, and if that addition will add a substantial amount of people to the battle royale's player base. 

Right now, Apex Legends players can enjoy the Lost Treasure event, which brings a new Crypto town takeover to Kings Canyon, a bunch of cool, Atlantis adventurer themed cosmetics, and a new limited-time-mode, Armed and Dangerous, which features only shotguns and snipers and mobile respawn beacons. 

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