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Another comic-book superhero to hit cinemas

You might not have heard of The Hunter comics but you'll know more before too long - they're coming to a screen near you.

The Hollywood Reporter has just announced that Scarlet Fire Entertainment is going to produce a version of Adam Hamdy's series with the creator himself adapting the screenplay. Brit Hamdy isn't just the force behind the character; he also runs their publishing house, Dare Comics.

The Hunter focuses on a CIA agent named Gabriel Mot, who has special powers and uses them to help track down anybody who threatens the good old US of A. In other words, he kicks terrorist ass - very contemporary.

The comic reached 130,000 readers both in print and online.

"We're extremely pleased to be working with Scarlet Fire," Hamdy says. "They understood The Hunter immediately, and saw in it the potential to create a compelling new universe that loyal fans and newcomers alike will love seeing come to life on the big screen."

Are you a fan of The Hunter ? Reckon he'll work well in a movie format? Or are you sick of the sight of comic book heroes by now? Tell us all about it...